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phpMyAdmin - ChangeLog
====================== (not yet released)
+ Patch #3481047 for rfe #3480477 Insert as new row enhancement
+ Patch #3480999 Activate codemirror in the query window
- Patch #3495284 XML Import - fix message and redirect
+ rfe #3484063 Null checkbox behavior
+ Patch #3497179 Contest-5: Add user: Allow create DB w/same name + grant u_%
+ Patch #3498201 Contest-6: Export all privileges
+ Patch #3502814 for rfe #3187077 Change password buttons should match
+ rfe #3488640 Expand table-group in non-light navigation frame if only one
+ Patch #3509360 Contest-3: Option "Truncate table" before "insert"
+ Patch #3506552 Contest-2: Show index information in the data dictionary
+ Patch #3510656 Contest-1: Ignoring foreign keys while dropping tables
- Bug #3509686 Reverting sort on joined column does not work
+ New transformation: append string
+ rfe #3507804 Session upload progress (PHP 5.4)
+ rfe #3488185 draggable columns vs copy column name
+ Patch #3507001 Contest-4: Textarea for large character columns
+ Removed the PHP version of the ENUM editor
+ Patch #3507111 Display distinct results, linked to corresponding data rows
- bug #3507917 [export] JSON has unescaped values for allegedly numeric columns
+ rfe #3516187 show tables creation, last update, last check timestamps in db_structure
- bug #3059806 Supporting running from CIFS/Samba shares
- bug #3516341 [export] Open Document Text, Word and Texy! Text show table structure twice
- bug [export] Texy! Text: Columns containing Pipe Character don't export properly
+ [export] Show triggers in Open Document Text, Word and Texy! Text
- Patch #3415061 [auth] Login screen appears under the page
+ rfe #3517354 [interface] Allow disabling CodeMirror with $cfg['CodemirrorEnable'] = false
+ rfe #3475567 [interface] New directive $cfg['HideStructureActions']
- bug #3468272 [import] Fixed import of ODS with more paragraphs in a cell
- bug #3510196 [core] Improved redirecting with ForceSSL option
+ rfe #3518852 [edit] edit blob but not other binary, new option $cfg['ProtectBinary'] = 'noblob'
+ Hide language select box if there are no locales installed
+ Removed some directives: verbose_check, SuggestDBName, LightTabs,
VerboseMultiSubmit, ReplaceHelpImg
- Patch #3500882 Fixing checkbox behaviour while editing identical rows
+ rfe #3441722 [interface] Display description of datatypes
+ rfe #3517835 [structure] Move columns easily
+ Ajaxified "Create View" functionality
+ [import] New plugin: import mediawiki
+ New navigation system
+ Discontinued the use of a frame-based layout
+ rfe #3528994 [interface] Allow wrapping possibly long values in replication-status table
+ [interface] Autoselect username input on cookie login page
- bug #3563799 [interface] Grid editing destroying huge amount of data
+ [import] Remove support for the unactive docSQL import format
- bug #3577443 [edit] "Browse foreign values" does not show on ajax edit
+ rfe #3522109 [browse] Grid editing: action to trigger it (or disable)
- bug #3526598 [interface] SQL query not shown when creating table
+ Dropped configuration directive: AllowThirdPartyFraming
+ Dropped configuration directive: LeftFrameLight
+ Dropped configuration directive: DisplayDatabasesList
+ Dropped configuration directives: ShowTooltipAliasDB and ShowTooltipAliasTB
+ Dropped configuration directive: NaviDatabaseNameColor
+ Added configuration directive: MaxNavigationItems
+ Renamed configuration directive: LeftFrameDBTree => NavigationTreeEnableGrouping
+ Renamed configuration directive: LeftFrameDBSeparator => NavigationTreeDbSeparator
+ Renamed configuration directive: LeftFrameTableSeparator => NavigationTreeTableSeparator
+ Renamed configuration directive: LeftFrameTableLevel => NavigationTreeTableLevel
+ Renamed configuration directive: LeftPointerEnable => NavigationTreePointerEnable
+ Renamed configuration directive: LeftDefaultTabTable => NavigationTreeDefaultTabTable
+ Renamed configuration directive: LeftDisplayTableFilterMinimum => NavigationTreeDisplayTableFilterMinimum
+ Renamed configuration directive: LeftDisplayLogo => NavigationDisplayLogo
+ Renamed configuration directive: LeftLogoLink => NavigationLogoLink
+ Renamed configuration directive: LeftLogoLinkWindow => NavigationLogoLinkWindow
+ Renamed configuration directive: LeftDisplayServers => NavigationDisplayServers
+ Renamed configuration directive: LeftRecentTable => NumRecentTables
+ Renamed configuration directive: LeftDisplayDatabaseFilterMinimum => NavigationTreeDisplayDbFilterMinimum
+ Removed the "Mark row on click" feature; must now click the checkbox to mark
+ Removed the "Synchronize" feature
+ Improved layout of server variables page
+ rfe #1052091 [config] Double-underscores in PMA table names
+ Improved the "More" dropdown on the table structure page
+ [interface] Added "scroll to top" link in menubar
+ [designer] Fullscreen mode for the designer
+ Upgraded jquery to v1.8.3 and jquery-ui to v1.9.2
+ Patch #3597529 [status] Add raw value as title on server status page
+ Support MySQL 5.6 partitioning
+ Removed the AjaxEnable directive
+ rfe #3542567 Accept IPv6 ranges and IPv6 CIDR notations in $cfg['Servers'][$i]['AllowDeny']['rules']
- Bug #3576788 Grid editing shows the value before silent truncation
- Upgraded jqPlot to 1.0.4 r1121
- Upgraded to jquery-ui-timepicker-addon 1.1.1
+ rfe #3599046 [interface] Added comments for indexes
- Replaced qtip with jQuery UI tooltip
- Upgraded CodeMirror to 2.37
- bug #2951 [export] Correctly export decimal fields.
- bug #3762 [core] Make Advisor work on Windows withou COM extension.
- bug #3519 [export] Prevent infinite recursion in PDF export. (not yet released)
- bug #3779 [core] Problem with backslash in enum fields (2013-01-28)
- bug #3593604 [status] Erroneous advisor rule
- bug #3596070 [status] localStorage broken in server status monitor
- bug #3598736 [routines] Editing a procedure with special characters
- bug #3600322 [core] Visualize GIS data throws Fatal Error
- bug #3599362 [core] Double-escaped error message
- bug #3776 [cookies] Login without auth on second server (2012-12-21)
- bug #3563824 [export] Support Apache's mod_deflate
- bug #3585523 [interface] Inline query editing broken after row update
- bug #3586389 [setup] Cannot switch language in /setup
- bug #3585695 [CSS] Font size in inline query editor is way too big
- bug #3588354 [l10n] Portuguese Language not displaying correctly
- bug #3591412 [status] Live charts don't work for non-default server
- bug [core] Proxy ajax calls to to avoid browser notices
- bug #3593534 [tracking] Structure Snapshot on tracked view renders invalid
- bug #3544366 [events] Event comments not saved (2012-11-16)
- bug #3570212 [edit] uuid_short() is a no-arguments function
- bug #3569577 [edit] Add routine parameter headers not valid for "function"
- bug #3575799 [search] Various search operators not working as expected
- bug #3576322 [search] Invalid select query generated for tables with ENUM fields
- bug #3577468 [display] Incorrect imagejpeg Syntax Breaks Image Transformation
- bug #3578776 [search] Editing SQL not possible when no records found
- bug #3571970 [interface] Display chart and number of rows to plot
- bug #3582631 [core] Wrong redirect url caused cookies error with ForceSSL (2012-10-08)
- bug #3539044 [interface] Browse mode "Show" button gives blank page if no results anymore
- bug #3534979 [interface] Copy Database Ajax feedback vanishes long before copying is done
- bug #3527531 [interface] GC-maxlifetime warning incorrectly displayed
- bug #3526916 [interface] Search fails with JS error when tooltips disabled
- bug #3544366 [interface] Event comments not saved
- bug #3549084 [edit] Can't enter date directly when editing inline
- bug #3548491 [interface] Inline query editor doesn't work from search results
- bug #3547825 [edit] BLOB download no longer works
- bug #3541966 [config] Error in generated configuration arrray
- bug #3553551 [GUI] Invalid HTML code in multi submits confirmation form
- [interface] Designer sometimes places tables on the top menu
- bug #3546277 [core] Call to undefined function __() when config file has wrong permissions
- bug #3540922 [edit] Error searching table with many fields
- bug #3555104 [edit] Cannot copy a DB with table & views
- bug #3559925 [privileges] Incorrect updating of the list of users
- bug #3561224 [edit] cell edit date field with empty date fills in current date
- bug #3559955 [edit] current_date from function drop down fails on update
- bug #3562472 add support for Solaris and FreeBSD system load and memory display in server status
- bug #3553068 [import] Table import from XML file fails
- replace Highcharts with jqplot for Display chart
- bug #3567684 [edit] Pasting value doesn't clear null checkbox
- bug #3570786 [edit] Datepicker for date and datetime fields is broken (2012-08-12)
- [security] Fixed XSS vulnerabilities, see PMASA-2012-4 (2012-08-03)
- [security] Fixed local path disclosure vulnerability, see PMASA-2012-3 (2012-07-07)
- bug #3521416 [interface] JS error when editing index
- bug #3521313 [core] Call to undefined function __()
- bug #3521016 [edit] NOW() function incorrectly selected
- bug [GUI] Invalid HTML code on transformation_overview.php
- bug #3522930 [browse] Missing validation in Ajax mode
- bug Fix popup message on build SQL of import
- bug #3523499 [core] Make X-WebKit-CSP work better
- replace Highcharts with jqplot for query profiling, zoom search
- bug #3531584 [interface] No form validation in change password dialog
- bug #3531585 [interface] Broken password validation in copy user form
- bug #3531586 [unterface] Add user form prints JSON when user presses enter
- bug #3534121 [config] duplicate line in
- bug #3534311 [interface] Grid editing incorrectly parses ENUM/SET values
- bug #3510196 [core] More clever URL rewriting with ForceSSL
- bug #3539044 [interface] Browse mode "Show" button gives blank page if no results anymore
- bug #3534979 [interface] Copy Database Ajax feedback vanishes long before copying is done (2012-05-03)
- bug #3510784 [edit] Limit clause ignored when sort order is remembered
- bug #3511471 [interface] View name not seen in navi panel (MySQL 5.1)
- bug #3512916 [display] Right frame reloads after displaying SQL result(zero rows)
- bug [interface] Fixed missing Codemirror for inline query edit when exporting a result set
- bug #3514490 [auth] Multiple Navigation panels bug still present
- bug #3515181 [users] Error in create user + underscore + create database
- bug #3515666 [display] Profiling chart shows wrong data
- bug #3516037 [auth] JS includes missing in auth config error page
- bug #3516183 [display] Missing image extension
- bug [display] Added missing icons in original theme
- bug #3516761 [edit] Query error after search
- bug #3516405 [display] Chart title is getting wrong within chart export
- bug #3517021 [interface] Header links except 'More' hide after closing dialog
- bug #3516817 [interface] "More" actions in table structure
- bug #3518484 [privileges] PMA_sqlAddSlashes() does not quote the table names correctly
- bug #3518983 [designer] Error messages do not appear in the Designer
- bug #3519747 [interface] Suhosin patch warning incorrectly displayed
- bug #3520107 [interface] Server status page: Incorrect dialog box titles
- bug #3516089 [structure] DROP does not work on defective VIEWs (2012-04-07)
+ rfe #2021981 [interface] Add support for mass prefix change.
+ "up to date" message on main page when current version is up to date
+ Update to jQuery 1.6.2
+ Patch #3256122 [search] Show/hide db search results
+ Patch #3302354 Add gettext wrappers around a message
+ Remove deprecated function PMA_DBI_get_fields
+ rfe #2098927 Remember recent tables
+ rfe #3078542 Remember the last sort order for each table
+ AJAX for Create table in navigation panel
+ rfe #3310562 Wording about Column
+ AJAX for Add a user in Database privileges
+ Patch #3271804 for rfe #3177495, new DisableMultiTableMaintenance directive
+ [interface] Reorganised server status page.
+ [interface] Changed way of generating charts.
+ rfe #939233 [interface] Flexible column width
+ [interface] Mouse-based column reordering in query results
+ AJAX for Insert to a table from database Structure page
- Patch #3316969 PMA_ajaxShowMessage() does not respect timeout
+ AJAX for Change on multiple rows in table Browse
+ [interface] Improved support for stored routines
+ [display] More options for browsing GIS data
+ [interface] Support for spatial indexes
+ [display] GIS data visualization
+ AJAX for table structure multiple-column change
+ AJAX for table structure index edit
+ Show/hide indexes in table Structure
+ More compact navigation bar
+ Display direction (horizontal/vertical) no longer displayed by default
+ Shift/click support in database Structure
+ Show/hide column in table Browse
- bug #3353856 [AJAX] AJAX dialogs use wrong font-size
- bug #3354356 [interface] Timepicker does not work in AJAX dialogs
+ AJAX for table Structure Indexes Edit
+ AJAX for table Structure column Change
+ [interface] Improved support for events
+ [interface] Improved support for triggers
+ [interface] Improved server monitoring
+ AJAX for table Structure column Add
+ AJAX for table Operations copy table
- bug #3380946 [export] no uid Query result export (Suhosin limit)
+ Grid editing in browse mode (replaces row inline edit)
+ Zoom-search in table Search
+ [interface] Editor for GIS data
+ [import] Import GIS data from ESRI Shapefiles
+ [interface] 'Function based search' for GIS data
+ Support Drizzle database
- bug #3356456 [interface] Interface problems for queries having LIMIT clauses
+ [interface] Remove DefaultPropDisplay feature
- bug #3299486 [prettyprint] Order By in a query containing comment character
+ [interface] Improved ENUM/SET editor
+ patch #3428376 [pmadb] pmadb on a different MySQL server
+ patch #3410688 [interface] Improving field size for character columns
- [usability] Removed an unnecessary AJAX request from database search
- bug #3302419 [navi] Tabs break when squeezing page
+ rfe #3406797 [navi] Stick table tools to top of page on scroll
+ rfe #1632106 [interface] Improved error handling
+ patch #3432835 [interface] Add useful intermediate pages to pageselector
+ [interface] Improved index editor
+ View editing via a generated ALTER VIEW
- bug #3408377 [interface] Deleting table from the DB does not change the table counter
+ rfe #3438266 [designer] Toggle for relation lines
- bug #3442069 [AJAX] database list not updated after adding/deleting a user + database
- bug #3461750 [edit] Sort by key generates wrong sql with limit clause
- bug #3340842 [structure] Error dropping index of non-existing column
- bug #3093145 [display] Page through rows returned from a view
+ patch #3303195 [interface] Checkbox to have SQL input remain
- patch #3472899 [export] Fixed CSV escape for the export
- patch #3475424 [import] Fixed CSV escape for the import
- bug #3482734 [interface] No warning on syntax error in search form
- bug #3423717 [core] Improved detection of SSL connection
+ FULLTEXT support for InnoDB, starting with MySQL 5.6.4
- bug #3497151 [interface] Duplicate inline query edit box
- bug #3504567 [mime] Description of the transformation missing in the tooltip (2012-08-12)
- [security] Fixed XSS vulnerabilities, see PMASA-2012-4 (2012-04-14)
- bug #3486970 [import] Exception on XML import
- bug #3488777 [navi] $cfg['ShowTooltipAliasTB'] and blank names in navigation
- bug #3512565 [navi] Fixed missing word "Rows" in table list tooltip after click (2012-03-28)
- [security] Fixed local path disclosure vulnerability, see PMASA-2012-2 (2012-02-18)
- [security] XSS in replication setup, see PMASA-2012-1 (2012-02-14)
- bug #3460090 [interface] TextareaAutoSelect feature broken
- patch #3375984 [export] PHP Array export might generate invalid php code
- bug #3049209 [import] Import from ODS ignores cell that is the same as cell before
- bug #3463933 [display] SELECT DISTINCT displays wrong total records found
- patch #3458944 [operations] copy table data missing SET SQL_MODE='NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO'
- bug #3469254 [edit] Setting data to NULL and drop-downs
- bug #3477063 [edit] Missing set fields and values in generated INSERT query
- bug #3460867 [libraries] license issue with TCPDF (updated to 5.9.145)
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