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phpMyAdmin - ChangeLog
====================== (not yet released)
- patch #12233 [Display] Improve message when renaming database to same name
- issue #6146 Log authentication attempts to syslog
- issue #11981 Remove support for Swekey authentication
- issue #11987 Remove code for no longer supported MSIE versions
+ issue #11962 Remove embedded PHP libraries, use composer to install them
+ issue #12017 Cannot easily select multiple tables when exporting
+ issue #12047 Add javascript filtering for databases
- issue #12166 More compact rendering of navigation tree
+ issue #12129 Improve performance with SkipLockedTables
- issue #12173 Do not hide indexes under a slider
- issue Improve performance of zip file import
- issue #12196 Removed $cfg['ThemePath']
- issue #6274 Add support for export user settings as snippet
- issue #5555 Better report query errors while generating SQL exports
- issue #12307 Produce valid JSON on export
- issue #12325 Setup script icons broken
- issue #12378 Support IPv6 proxies
- issue Removed MySQL connection retry without password
- issue #12218 Allow to specify further parameters for control connection
- issue #12162 Show charset for each table on Database structure page
- issue #12463 Incorrect link in the href of icon at Hide/Show unhide links
- issue #12330 Shortcut for closing console
- issue #12465 Improved handling of http requests
- issue #12474 Broken links in Setup forms Navigation
- issue #12494 Can't add a new User
- issue #12523 Add 'token' Parameter in all POST requests (Fix 'Token mismatch' errors)
- issue #12302 Improved usage of number_format
4.6.5 (not yet released)
- issue Remove potentionally license problematic sRGB profile
- issue #12459 Display read only fields as read only when editing
- issue #12384 Fix expanding of navigation pane when clicking on database
- issue #12430 Impove partitioning support
- issue #12374 Reintroduced simplified PmaAbsoluteUri configuration directive
- issue Always use UTC time in HTTP headers
- issue #12479 Simplified validation of external links
- issue #12483 Fix browsing tables with built in transformations
- issue #12485 Do not show warning about short blowfish_secret if none is set
- issue #12251 Fixed random logouts due to wrong cookie path
- issue #12480 Fixed editing of ENUM/SET/DECIMAL fields structure
- issue #12497 Missing escaping of configuration used in SQL (hide_db and only_db)
- issue #12476 Add error checking in reading advisory rules file
- issue #12477 Add checking missing elements and confirming element types from json_decode
- issue #12251 Automatically save SQL query in browser local storage rather than in cookie
- issue #12292 Unable to edit transformations
- issue #12502 Remove unused paramenter when connecting to MySQLi
- issue #12303 Fix number formatting with different settings of precision in PHP
- issue #12405 Use single quotes in PHP code
- issue #12534 Option for the dropped column is not removed from 'after_field' select, after the column is dropped
- issue #12531 Properly detect DROP DATABASE queries
- issue #12470 Fix possible race condition in setting URL hash
- issue #11924 Remove caching of server information
- issue #11628 Proper parsing of INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY queries
- issue #12545 Proper parsing of CREATE TABLE ... PARTITION queries
- issue #12473 Code can throw unhandled exception
- issue #12550 Do not try to keep alive session even after expiry
- issue #12512 Fixed rendering BBCode links in setup
- issue #12518 Fixed copy of table with generated columns
- issue #12221 Fixed export of table with generated columns
- issue #12320 Copying a user does not copy usergroup
- issue #12272 Adding a new row with default enum goes to no selection when you want to add more then 2 rows
- issue #12487 Drag and drop import prevents file dropping to blob column file selector on the insert tab
- issue #12554 Absence of scrolling makes it impossible to read longer text values in grid editing
- issue #12530 "Edit routine" crashes when the current user is not the definer, even if privileges are adequate
- issue #12300 Export selective tables by-default dumps Events also
- issue #12298 Fixed export of view definitions
- issue #12242 Edit routine detail dialog does not fill "Return length" field in mysql functions
- issue #12575 New index Confirm adds whitespace around the field name
- issue #12382 Bug in zoom search
- issue #12321 Assign LIMIT clause only to syntactically correct queries
- issue #12461 Can't Execute SQL With Sub-Query Due To "LIMIT 0,25" Inserted At Wrong Place
4.6.4 (2016-08-16)
- issue [security] Weaknesses with cookie encryption, see PMASA-2016-29
- issue [security] Improve session cookie code for openid.php and signon.php example files
- issue [security] Full path disclosure in openid.php and signon.php example files
- issue [security] Multiple XSS vulnerabilities, see PMASA-2016-30
- issue [security] Multiple XSS vulnerabilities, see PMASA-2016-31
- issue [security] Unsafe generation of BlowfishSecret (when not supplied by the user)
- issue [security] Referrer leak when phpinfo is enabled
- issue [security] PHP code injection, see PMASA-2016-32
- issue [security] Full path disclosure, see PMASA-2016-33
- issue [security] SQL injection attack, see PMASA-2016-34
- issue [security] Local file exposure through LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE, see PMASA-2016-35
- issue [security] Local file exposure through symlinks with UploadDir, see PMASA-2016-36
- issue [security] Path traversal with SaveDir and UploadDir, see PMASA-2016-37
- issue [security] Multiple XSS vulnerabilities, see PMASA-2016-38
- issue [security] SQL injection vulnerability as control user, see PMASA-2016-39
- issue [security] SQL injection vulnerability, see PMASA-2016-40
- issue [security] Denial-of-service attack through transformation feature, see PMASA-2016-41
- issue [security] SQL injection vulnerability as control user, see PMASA-2016-42
- issue [security] Verify data before unserializing, see PMASA-2016-43
- issue [security] Use HTTPS for wiki links
- issue Remove Swekey support
- issue [security] SSRF in setup script, see PMASA-2016-44
- issue [security] Denial-of-service attack with $cfg['AllowArbitraryServer'] = true and persistent connections, see PMASA-2016-45
- issue [security] Improve SSL certificate handling
- issue [security] Fix full path disclosure in debugging code
- issue [security] Possible circumvention of IP-based allow/deny rules with IPv6 and proxy server, see PMASA-2016-47
- issue [security] Detect if user is logged in, see PMASA-2016-48
- issue [security] Bypass URL redirection protection, see PMASA-2016-49
- issue [security] Referrer leak, see PMASA-2016-50
- issue [security] Reflected File Download, see PMASA-2016-51
- issue [security] ArbitraryServerRegexp bypass, see PMASA-2016-52
- issue [security] Denial-of-service attack by entering long password, see PMASA-2016-53
- issue [security] Remote code execution vulnerability when running as CGI, see PMASA-2016-054
- issue [security] Administrators could trigger SQL injection attack against users
- issue [security] Denial-of-service attack when PHP uses dbase extension, see PMASA-2016-55
- issue [security] Remove tode execution vulnerability when PHP uses dbase extension, see PMASA-2016-56
- issue [security] Denial-of-service attack by using for loops, see PMASA-2016-46
- issue Include X-Robots-Tag header in responses
- issue Enforce numeric field length when creating table
- issue Fixed invalid Content-Length in some HTTP responses
- issue #12394 Create view should require a view name
- issue #12391 Message with 'Change password successfully' displayed, but does not take effect
- issue Tighten control on PHP sessions and session cookies
- issue #12409 Re-enable overhead on server databases view
- issue #12414 Fixed rendering of Original theme
- issue #12413 Fixed deleting users in non English locales
- issue #12416 Fixed replication status output in Databases listing
- issue #12303 Avoid typecasting to float when not needed
- issue #12425 Duplicate message variable names in
- issue #12399 Adding index to table shows wrong top navigation
- issue #12424 Fixed password change on MariaDB without auth plugin
- issue #12339 Do not error on unset server port
- issue #12422 Improvements to the original theme
- issue #12395 Do not try to load old transformation plugins
- issue #12423 Fixed replication status in database listing
- issue #12433 Copy table with prefix does not copy the indexes
- issue #12375 Search in database: Window content is not scrolling down when clicking first time on Browse link
- issue #12346 SQL Editor textareas can have their size increased from the top, distorting the page view
4.6.3 (2016-06-23)
- issue #12249 Fixed cookie path on Windows
- issue #12279 Fixed error reporting on connect problems
- issue #12290 Fixed export of tables without explicitly set engine
- issue #12285 Designer JavaScript error: Show/Hide tables list
- issue #12293 Fix MySQL SSL connection with some PHP versions
- issue #12279 Fix MySQL connection error on version mismatch
- issue #12281 Keep user attributes (privileges, authentication mode, etc) when copying a user
- issue #12308 Fix division by zero in case of misconfigured MySQL server
- issue #12317 Fix editing server variables
- issue #12303 Fix table size calculation in some circumstances
- issue #12310 Fix listing routines for non privileged user
- issue Escape generated query in exporting a database
- issue Setup script doesn't use input type 'password' in all relevant locations
- issue [security] BBCode injection in setup script, see PMASA-2016-17
- issue [security] Cookie attribute injection attack, see PMASA-2016-18
- issue Redirect loop when directly calling url.php
- issue [security] SQL injection attack, see PMASA-2016-19
- issue [security] XSS attack in Table Structure page, see PMASA-2016-20
- issue [security] XSS attack in Server Privileges page, see PMASA-2016-21
- issue [security] DOS attack vulnerability, see PMASA-2016-22
- issue [security] Multiple full path disclosure vulnerabilities, see PMASA-2016-23
- issue [security] Full path disclosure when running in debug mode
- issue [security] XSS attack with partition range and table structure, see PMASA-2016-25
- issue [security] XSS attack when checking database privileges, see PMASA-2016-26
- issue [security] XSS attack when MySQL server is using a specific payload log_bin directive, see PMASA-2016-26
- issue [security] XSS vulnerabilities in Transformation feature, see PMASA-2016-26
4.6.2 (2016-05-25)
- issue [security] User SQL queries can be revealed through URL GET parameters, see PMASA-2016-14
- issue [security] Self XSS vulneratbility, see PMASA-2016-16
- issue #12225 Use https for documentation links
- issue #12234 Fix schema export with too many tables
- issue #12240 Avoid parsing non JSON responses as JSON
- issue #12244 Avoid using too log URLs when getting javascripts
- issue #12118 Fixed setting mixed case languages
- issue #12229 Avoid storing objects in session when debugging SQL
- issue #12249 Fix cookie path on IIS
- issue #11705 Fix occassional 200 errors on Windows
- issue #12219 Fix locking issues when importing SQL
- issue #12231 Avoid confusing warning when mysql extension is missing
- issue Improve handling of logout
- issue Safer handling of sessions during authentication
- issue #12209 Fix server selection on main page
- issue #12192 Avoid storing full error data in session
- issue #12082 Fixed export of ARCHIVE tables with keys
- issue #11565 Add session reload for config authentication
- issue #12229 Do not fail on errors stored in session
- issue #12248 Fix loading of APC based upload progress bar
4.6.1 (2016-05-02)
- issue #12120 PMA_Util not found in insert_edit.lib.php
- issue #12118 Fixed activation of some languages
- issue #12121 Fixed error in 3NF step of normalization
- issue #12135 Fix offering JSON datatype in incompatible MySQL versions
- issue #12132 Can not open table with JSON field
- issue #12125 Cannot highlight a column if I scroll down from the top of the table
- issue #12154 Fixed possible PHP error in SQL parser
- issue #12029 Fixed SQL quoting in SQL export
- issue #12129 Improve performance of database structure page
- issue #12159 Fix PHP error if user did unpack new version over old one
- issue #12165 Fix parsing of expression 0
- issue #12146 Document setup with Google Cloud SQL
- issue #12197 Fix parsing of queries with double \
- issue #12202 Fixed setting of language from user configuration
- issue #12200 Fixed check for ndb version
- issue #12206 Fixed loading of configuration file
- issue #12204 Check if sessions are working and report failures
- issue #12211 non-clickable initial letter for users / and can't modify users with MySQL 5.7.12
- issue #12215 Fixed config tab persistence errors
- issue #12217 Fixed javascript erros on user creation
- issue #12144 Fixed parsing of some AS clauses
- issue #12205 Fixed parsing of FULL OUTER JOIN queries
- issue #12171 Fixed editing of VIEW structure
- issue #12208 Avoid printing executed queries on import (2016-03-22)
+ issue #11456 Disabled storage engines
+ issue #11479 Allow setting routine wise privileges
- issue Hide Insert tab for non-updatable views
+ issue #11490 UI for defining partitioning in create table window
+ issue #11438 Support JSON data type
+ issue Editing partitions in table Structure
- issue Tracking does not make sense for information_schema
- issue #11550 Regression in Find and replace
+ issue #11619 TokuDB Tables Show Size as "unknown"
+ issue #11654 Use a slider for Internal relations
+ issue #11641 Ability to disable the navigationhiding Feature
- issue #11647 Restrict configuration NavigationTreeDbSeparator to strings
- issue #11667 Disable the tooltip in the navigation panel's filter box
+ issue Copy results to clipboard
+ issue #11504 Reactivate cut&paste possibility in print view
- issue #11702 Extraneous message after edit + grid-edit
- issue #11668 Table header is empty with browsing an empty table
+ issue #11701 Allow changing parameter order of routines
- issue #11708 Remove no password warning
+ issue #11711 Clarify the meaning of "Stand-in structure for view" in SQL export
- issue HTML line break shown after a MySQL connection error message
- issue #11728 CSV import skip row count after
- issue Fixed displaying of SQL query on table operations
- issue #6321 Display binary strings as text if they are valid UTF-8
+ issue #11743 Display routine specific privileges
+ issue #11538 Copy multiple tables to database
+ issue Support Cloudflare Flexible SSL
- issue Handle empty TABLE_COMMENT
+ issue #11833 Drop support for old Internet Explorer versions
+ issue #11796 Use modals for displaying forms in db structure page
+ issue #11789 Show MySQL error messages in user language
+ issue Add 'ssl_verify' configuration directive for self-signed certificates with mysqlnd and PHP >= 5.6
+ issue #11874 Show more used PHP extensions
- issue #11874 Report when version check and error reporting are disabled
- issue #11849 Fix PDF schema export
- issue #11412 Remove ForceSSL configuration directive
- issue Remove support for Mozilla Prism
- issue #11412 Remove PmaAbsoluteUri configuration directive
- issue #11914 Fix autoloading of phpseclib
- issue #11880 Fixed rendering of missing extension error
- issue #11923 Errors on Structure tab when user only has select access on certain columns
- issue #11972 Missing documentation for $cfg['Servers'][$i]['favorite'] and $cfg['NumFavoriteTables']
- issue #11907 Avoid displaying UPDATE query twice
- issue #11850 Fixed CSV import
- issue Fix SQL syntax highlighting in database search page
- issue #12056 Fix error when we can not generate random string
- issue #12055 Fixed PHP syntax error in templates
- issue #12054 Fixed processing of queries with escaped quotes
- issue #12041 Fixed exporting tables with fields DEFAULT and COMMENT
- issue #12073 Hide edit and delete buttons when the results are not related to a table
- issue #12083 Fixed parsing of field definition
- issue #12081 Fixed rendering of table stats
- issue #11705 Fixed problems with PHP on Windows on table structure
- issue #12085 Like search strings being escaped incorrectly
- issue #12092 Rename exported databases/tables doesn't seem to work
- issue #12099 Undefined index: controllink
- issue #12094 PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function __()
- issue #12098 Fix login after logout with http authentication
- issue #12074 Fixed possible invalid SQL export
- issue #12026 Fixed parsing of UNION SELECT with brackets
- issue #12109 Fixed parsing of CREATE TABLE [AS] SELECT
- issue #12105 Multi-server drap-and-drop import always fails
- issue #12116 Fulltext indexes are not copied when using copy database function (2016-02-29)
- issue #11971 CREATE UNIQUE INDEX index type is not recognized by parser.
- issue #11982 Row count wrong when grouping joined tables.
- issue #12012 Column definition with default value and comment in CREATE TABLE expoerted faulty.
- issue #12020 New statement but no delimiter and unexpected token with REPLACE.
- issue #12029 Fixed incorrect usage of SQL parser context in SQL export
- issue [security] XSS vulnerability in SQL parser, see PMASA-2016-10.
- issue [security] Multiple XSS vulnerabilities, see PMASA-2016-11.
- issue [security] Multiple XSS vulnerabilities, see PMASA-2016-12.
- issue [security] Vulnerability allowing man-in-the-middle attack on API call to GitHub, see PMASA-2016-13.
- issue #12048 Fixed inclusion of gettext library from SQL parser (2016-02-22)
- issue Undefined index: is_ajax_request
- issue #11855 Fix password change on MariaDB 10.1 and newer
- issue #11874 Validate version information before further processing it
- issue #11881 Full processlist lost on refresh
- issue #11834 Adjust privileges fails if database name contains underscores
- issue #11906 'Loading...' banner shows on login screen
- issue #11930 Fixed changing of table parameters, eg. AUTO_INCREMENT
- issue #11885 Call to undefined function SqlParser\ctype_alnum()
- issue #11879 - NOW() function not recognized by parser
- issue #11867 Gracefully handle the DESC statement
- issue #11843 Fractional timestamp causes corrupted SQL export
- issue #11836 Static analysis error for valid WHERE condition with IF keyword
- issue #11800 Syntax Verifier error using REGEXP in SQL statement
- issue #11799 Backslashes in comments are being interpreted as escape characters
- issue #11909 Can't insert row into table that contains generated column
- issue #11677 sql-parser and php-gettext collide.
- issue #11920 Can't disable backquotes in export
- issue #11911 Inserts via tbl_change.php in VARBINARY columns does not allow using HEX() and MD5()
- issue #11939 Correct content type for uploaded error reports
- issue #11940 Silent errors from checking local documentation
- issue #11944 Fixed error on servers with disabled php_uname
- issue #11946 Correctly store and report file upload errors
- issue #11948 Avoid javascript errors on invalid location hash
- issue #11950 Fix PHP warning on configuration errors
- issue #11951 Silent errors on checking for writable folders
- issue #11952 Silent warning on invalid file upload
- issue #11953 Do not fail getting filename with open_basedir limitations
- issue #11956 unrecognized keyword interval
- issue Field names and aliases are being correctly parsed now.
- issue #11959 Fix javascript error in setup
- issue #11964 Undefined index: TABLE_COMMENT in database structure page
- issue #11967 Fix PHP error on loading invalid XML or ODS file
- issue #11969 Missing confirmation while dropping a view in view_operations.php
- issue #11968 Fix export of index comments in SQL
- issue #11979 DECLARE not accepted as valid SQL (2016-01-29)
- issue #11892 Error with PMA
- issue #11896 Remove hard dependency on phpseclib (2016-01-28)
- issue #11724 live data edit of big sets is not working
- issue Table list not saved in db QBE bookmarked search
- issue #11777 While 'changing a column', query fails with a syntax error after the 'CHARSET=' keyword
- issue #11783 Avoid syntax error in javascript messages on invalid PHP setting for max_input_vars
- issue #11784 Properly handle errors in upacking zip archive
- issue #11785 Set PHP's internal encoding to UTF-8
- issue #11786 Fixed Kanji encoding in some specific cases
- issue #11787 Check whether iconv works before using it
- issue #11788 Avoid conversion of MySQL error messages
- issue #11792 Undefined index: parameters
- issue #11802 Undefined index: field_name_orig
- issue Undefined index: host
- issue #11810 'Add to central columns' (per column button) does nothing
- issue #11727 SQL duplicate entry error trying to INSERT in designer_settings table
- issue #11798 Fix handling of databases with dot in a name
- issue #11820 Fix hiding of page content behind menu
- issue #11780 FROM clause not generated after loading search bookmark
- issue #11826 Fix creating/editing VIEW with DEFINER containing special chars
- issue #11828 Do not invoke FLUSH PRIVILEGES when server in --skip-grant-tables
- issue #11804 Misleading message for configuration storage
- issue #11772 Table pagination does nothing when session expired
- issue #11840 Index comments not working properly
- issue #11791 Better handle local storage errors
- issue #11752 Improve detection of privileges for privilege adjusting
- issue #11854 Undefined property: stdClass::$releases at version check when disabled in config
- issue #11814 SQL comment and variable stripped from bookmark on save
- issue Gracefully handle errors in regex based javascript search
- issue [security] Multiple full path disclosure vulnerabilities, see PMASA-2016-1
- issue [security] Unsafe generation of CSRF token, see PMASA-2016-2
- issue [security] Multiple XSS vulnerabilities, see PMASA-2016-3
- issue [security] Insecure password generation in JavaScript, see PMASA-2016-4
- issue [security] Unsafe comparison of CSRF token, see PMASA-2016-5
- issue [security] Multiple full path disclosure vulnerabilities, see PMASA-2016-6
- issue [security] XSS vulnerability in normalization page, see PMASA-2016-7
- issue [security] Full path disclosure vulnerability in SQL parser, see PMASA-2016-8
- issue [security] XSS vulnerability in SQL editor, see PMASA-2016-9
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