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Web server

Since phpMyAdmin's interface is based entirely in your browser, you'll need a web server (such as Apache, nginx, :term:`IIS`) to install phpMyAdmin's files into.


  • You need PHP 7.1.0 or newer, with session support, the Standard PHP Library (SPL) extension, hash, ctype, and JSON support.
  • The mbstring extension (see :term:`mbstring`) is strongly recommended for performance reasons.
  • To support uploading of ZIP files, you need the PHP zip extension.
  • You need GD2 support in PHP to display inline thumbnails of JPEGs ("image/jpeg: inline") with their original aspect ratio.
  • When using the cookie authentication (the default), the openssl extension is strongly suggested.
  • To support upload progress bars, see :ref:`faq2_9`.
  • To support XML and Open Document Spreadsheet importing, you need the libxml extension.
  • To support reCAPTCHA on the login page, you need the openssl extension.
  • To support displaying phpMyAdmin's latest version, you need to enable allow_url_open in your :file:`php.ini` or to have the curl extension.
.. seealso:: :ref:`faq1_31`, :ref:`authentication_modes`


phpMyAdmin supports MySQL-compatible databases.

  • MySQL 5.5 or newer
  • MariaDB 5.5 or newer
.. seealso:: :ref:`faq1_17`

Web browser

To access phpMyAdmin you need a web browser with cookies and JavaScript enabled.

You need browser which is supported by jQuery 2.0, see <>.