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Upgraded jquery and jquery-ui

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1 parent 8aee3ec commit 501e3a9f2c464df5b71d8cf4afceab040d1098d9 @roccivic roccivic committed Dec 19, 2012
@@ -75,6 +75,7 @@ VerboseMultiSubmit, ReplaceHelpImg
+ Improved the "More" dropdown on the table structure page
+ [interface] Added "scroll to top" link in menubar
+ [designer] Fullscreen mode for the designer
++ Upgraded jquery to v1.8.3 and jquery-ui to v1.9.2 (not yet released)
- bug #3593604 [status] Erroneous advisor rule
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2 comments on commit 501e3a9

lem9 commented on 501e3a9 Feb 24, 2013

git bisect tells me that starting with this commit, this bug is present:

Any idea why?


No, not off the top of my head.

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