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ruleant authored and Pootle server committed Feb 27, 2012
1 parent 2dad4d9 commit 5d50b99ebe5321698e497089aeca571f069ba9dc
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@@ -8049,10 +8049,10 @@ msgid "You do not have the necessary privileges to create an event"
msgstr "U heeft niet voldoende rechten om een gebeurtenis aan te maken"
#: libraries/rte/rte_words.lib.php:47
-#, fuzzy, php-format
+#, php-format
#| msgid "No tables found in database"
msgid "No event with name %1$s found in database %2$s"
-msgstr "Geen tabellen gevonden in de database"
+msgstr "Geen gebeurtenis met naam %1$s gevonden in database %2$s"
#: libraries/rte/rte_words.lib.php:48
#| msgid "There are no files to upload"

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