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Fixed error submission using curl

The problem is that curl inserts Expect: header which server does not

More details at:
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1 parent 58d2b68 commit 79dd43afe6eaa27a3e2a4ec1d31e2698bf832b28 @nijel nijel committed
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  1. +1 −0 libraries/error_report.lib.php
1 libraries/error_report.lib.php
@@ -146,6 +146,7 @@ function PMA_sendErrorReport($report) {
curl_setopt($curl_handle, CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST, "POST");
+ curl_setopt($curl_handle, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array('Expect:'));
curl_setopt($curl_handle, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $data_string);
curl_setopt($curl_handle, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
$response = curl_exec($curl_handle);

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