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Enhance table_coord documentation

Signed-off-by: Isaac Bennetch <>
1 parent 4027603 commit 2dc895368f8c48df01552680b64efe46d12c3274 @ibennetch ibennetch committed May 30, 2016
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6 doc/config.rst
@@ -720,6 +720,12 @@ Server connection settings
:type: string or false
:default: ``''``
+ The designer feature can save your page layout; by pressing the "Save page" or "Save page as"
+ button in the expanding designer menu, you can customize the layout and have it loaded the next
+ time you use the designer. That layout is stored in this table. Furthermore, this table is also
+ required for using the PDF relation export feature, see
+ :config:option:`$cfg['Servers'][$i]['pdf\_pages']` for additional details.
.. config:option:: $cfg['Servers'][$i]['pdf_pages']
:type: string or false

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