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Adds AUTO_INCREMENT value while copying table. Fixes bug #4079 #675

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The $GLOBALS['sql_auto_increment'] was not set to the appropriate value during the copy table procedure.
Replaced it with $_POST['sql_auto_increment'].

Let me know if this is the correct way to access the value of sql_auto_increment, so that I can modify the code accordingly if required.

@lem9 lem9 was assigned

Thanks for the fix. I have tested and the bug also happens in the QA_4_0 branch (current version), so could you prepare a pull request for QA_4_0 instead?

Also, you might have noticed that this pull request fails to pass the test suite, can you have a look at the Travis report and modify the test suite accordingly?

Closing for now.

@lem9 lem9 closed this

Okay. I will see why it fails to pass the test suite and modify the test suite accordingly.

Will try to create a pull request for the QA_4_0 branch instead.

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2  libraries/Util.class.php
@@ -2656,7 +2656,7 @@ public static function getCheckbox($html_field_name, $label, $checked, $onclick)
* @param boolean $escape_label whether to use htmlspecialchars() on label
* @param string $class enclose each choice with a div of this class
- * @return string set of html radio fiels
+ * @return string set of html radio fields
public static function getRadioFields(
$html_field_name, $choices, $checked_choice = '',
2  libraries/plugins/export/ExportSql.class.php
@@ -1027,7 +1027,7 @@ public function getTableDef(
// in SHOW CREATE TABLE so we'll remove it below
// It's required for Drizzle because SHOW CREATE TABLE uses
// the value from table's creation time
- if (isset($GLOBALS['sql_auto_increment'])
+ if (isset($_POST['sql_auto_increment'])
&& ! empty($tmpres['Auto_increment'])
) {
$auto_increment .= ' AUTO_INCREMENT='
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