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PMA_Util static class introduced instead of PMA_CommonFunctions singleton class #91

merged 13 commits into from Sep 19, 2012

4 participants

Chanaka commented Sep 16, 2012

PMA_CommonFunctions class was used singleton pattern which is not exact place to use. Instead class is make as a static class. Class has renamed as PMA_Util.


newline is not necessary (there are some more in this commit; check below)

phpMyAdmin member
nijel commented Sep 17, 2012

Generally looks good, but I'm not sure if it's good time to merge now because of @roccivic GSoC project is still unmerged... Either way merging or not merging this will cause conflicts in the end for the one which will be merged later.

ruleant commented Sep 18, 2012

I'm in favour of merging now, as it will take some time before @roccivic's branch is ready to merge. If we wait too long, this pull request can't be automatically merged because too much changes were done to master in the mean time (as is the case now) and it will only get worse.
@Chanaka, can you merge master with this branch, resolve the issues and push the changes? Then we can merge it with master.
@roccivic will have to merge master in his branch and update the calls to PMA_CommonFunctions in the code that is specific for his branch.

phpMyAdmin member
nijel commented Sep 18, 2012

I'm okay with merging, just wanted to check @roccivic's status.


If everyone wants to merge, then go ahead.

@nijel nijel merged commit 7fe1d63 into phpmyadmin:master Sep 19, 2012
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