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Pull request Compare This branch is 78 commits ahead, 21853 commits behind master.
Latest commit 945c58b @ibennetch ibennetch Release
Signed-off-by: Isaac Bennetch <>
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PMAStandard Use modified LineLength check
doc Release
examples bug #4015 Forcing a storage engine for configuration storage
js Use full alphabet to generate random passwords
libraries Release
po Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
scripts Update list of files to cleanup
setup Can not use PMA_fatalError when including fails
test Fix syntax error in disabled test
themes Expand the navigation and highlight the current database or table/view
.gitignore Ignore config only in toplevel dir
.travis.yml Try to run Travis own phpunit
ChangeLog Release
LICENSE Fix permissions.
README Release
README.rst Add some headers
browse_foreigners.php Bug #4048 Cannot select foreign value in Search
build.xml Fix bug "#3853 Blowfish implementation might be broken" by replacing the
changelog.php Fix bug #3907 undefined variables, function parameter problems
chk_rel.php Added PMA_OutputBuffering class, dropped ob.lib.php
composer.json Use composer to install correct phpunit version Use instead of
db_create.php Dropped main.php
db_datadict.php The data dictionary is a print view page
db_events.php Moved all the JS functionality for RTE into a single file
db_export.php bug #3948 Server export problems
db_import.php Dropped
db_printview.php Renamed PMA_CommonFunctions::getInstance()-> with PMA_Util::
db_qbe.php Coding style improvements
db_routines.php Moved all the JS functionality for RTE into a single file
db_search.php Upgraded to jquery-ui-timepicker-addon 1.1.1
db_sql.php Dropped
db_structure.php Upgraded to jquery-ui-timepicker-addon 1.1.1
db_tracking.php Bug #3960 NavigationBarIconic config not honored
db_triggers.php Moved all the JS functionality for RTE into a single file
export.php bug #4095 NUL symbols added to the end of database dump file
favicon.ico Fix permissions.
file_echo.php Fixed export of server status monitor settings
gis_data_editor.php Avoid PHP, HTML mix. Improve doc comments
import.php Left while fixing 4006
import_status.php Update session upload progress bug comment in import_status.php
index.php bug #3995 Drizzle server charset notice
license.php Leading ./ paths for includes can be omitted, part 2
navigation.php use uppercase for AJAX acronym
phpinfo.php Disable header and footer when showing phpinfo()
phpmyadmin.css.php SQL parser no longer needs to be included for generating CSS
phpunit.xml.dist Colorify PHPUnit
phpunit.xml.nocoverage Colorify PHPUnit
pmd_display_field.php Fix setting display column
pmd_general.php Drop some inline html
pmd_pdf.php [security] Fix control user SQL injection in pmd_pdf.php, see PMASA-2…
pmd_relation_new.php Renamed ->method() with PMA_Util::method()
pmd_relation_upd.php Renamed ->method() with PMA_Util::method()
pmd_save_pos.php Renamed ->method() with PMA_Util::method()
prefs_forms.php Dropped server side functionality for reloading the left frame from u…
prefs_manage.php Implement linking to new documentation
print.css Use print.css in
querywindow.php Fixed menu display in querywindow
robots.txt Fix permissions.
schema_edit.php Implement linking to new documentation
schema_export.php [security] Fix control user SQL injection in schema_export.php, see P…
server_binlog.php Bug #3960 NavigationBarIconic config not honored
server_collations.php Renamed PMA_CommonFunctions::getInstance()-> with PMA_Util::
server_databases.php bug #3993 Sorting in database overview with statistics doesn't work
server_engines.php Added microhistory metadata to some links
server_export.php bug #3948 Server export problems
server_import.php Dropped
server_plugins.php Dropped includes for globally included JS files
server_privileges.php Fix bug#3922, user privileges, in QA_4_0
server_replication.php Fix bug #3907 undefined variables, function parameter problems
server_sql.php Dropped
server_status.php [security] Fix stored XSS in Server status monitor, see PMASA-2013-9
server_status_advisor.php Fix bug #3907 undefined variables, function parameter problems
server_status_monitor.php Drop no longer needed date.js
server_status_queries.php remove unused variables
server_status_variables.php Use ellipsis where appropriate
server_variables.php Do not double HTML encode URL
show_config_errors.php Wrap long lines, move comments, remove unused code
sql.php Fix bug#4059: Running delete query asks for confirmation but says it …
tbl_addfield.php Fix bug 3875 Lost location hash and token on table add field
tbl_change.php PMA_Table::analyzeStructure() method to centralize the analysis of th…
tbl_create.php Change mysqlDie() to return the error message when $exit parameter is…
tbl_export.php Add unset() statement to help for future refactoring
tbl_get_field.php bug #4090 Downloading BLOB downloads page template
tbl_gis_visualization.php HTTPS will not see OpenStreetMaps due to CSP. So do not show the chec…
tbl_import.php Dropped
tbl_indexes.php Bug #3839 Index comment is supported only starting with MySQL 5.5
tbl_move_copy.php Renamed ->method() with PMA_Util::method()
tbl_operations.php No need to do index checking if the table is not InnoDB
tbl_printview.php bug #4578 XSS vulnerability in table print view
tbl_relation.php bug #4517 [security] XSS in relation view
tbl_replace.php Typo Fix in comment
tbl_row_action.php Dropped
tbl_select.php Upgraded to jquery-ui-timepicker-addon 1.1.1
tbl_sql.php Dropped
tbl_structure.php Bug #3960 NavigationBarIconic config not honored
tbl_tracking.php bug #4103 Tracking report: cannot delete a statement
tbl_triggers.php Use package name PhpMyAdmin
tbl_zoom_select.php bug #4579 [security] XSS vulnerability in zoom search page
themes.php Integrated themes.php with PMA_Response class
transformation_overview.php oop: transformations - fix classes, add interface and use descriptions
transformation_wrapper.php Coding style - null should be lower case
url.php Fix URL redirector in case of fatal erorrs
version_check.php issue #11464 phpMyAdmin suggests upgrading to newer version not usabl…
view_create.php escape query in error message
view_operations.php bug #3988 Rename view is not working
webapp.php Improve doc blocks


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