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Makefile Bug 4884: make clean removes all documentation files May 5, 2015
bookmarks.rst Move bookmarks information into user guid Apr 27, 2016
charts.rst Specify we are using MySQL Oct 18, 2016
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developers.rst Cleanup URLs to our website Jul 2, 2015
faq.rst Move openlayers to js/vendor Jun 14, 2017
glossary.rst Fix syntax in documentation markup Nov 25, 2016
import_export.rst Produce valid JSON on export Jun 14, 2016
index.rst Initial version of security policy Mar 21, 2017
intro.rst Fixes #11865 partially-Added support for shortcuts Feb 22, 2016
make.bat Update make.bat as well for current Sphinx Mar 19, 2014
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privileges.rst Minor grammar improvements Aug 1, 2016
relations.rst Document relations (moved from wiki) Apr 27, 2016
require.rst Replace our mbstring polyfills with symfony/polyfill-mbstring May 17, 2017
security.rst Grammar fixup Jun 19, 2017
settings.rst Added documentation on user settings Jun 6, 2017
setup.rst Configurable authentication logging using $cfg['AuthLog'] Jun 19, 2017
themes.rst Add descripton field to theme.json May 16, 2017
transformations.rst Use secure.php.net for PHP documentation links Oct 18, 2016
user.rst Merge branch 'QA_4_7' Jun 6, 2017
vendors.rst Document how we ship embedded PHP libraries now. Feb 24, 2016