2013 11_Meeting_IRC_Log

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ruleant: 16:00 UTC, everybody here? roccivic: Evening, gentleman nijel: Hi everybody ruleant: hi rouslan Marc9: Hi ruleant: today's agenda :http://wiki.phpmyadmin.net/pma/2013-11_Meeting Marc9: I can facilitate the meeting, ok? ibennetch-mobile: Sounds great ruleant: JM can't make it, did anyone hear from Chanaka or Atul? ruleant: marc9: sure, go ahead Marc9: Point 1: DCO and Signed-Off-By when committing Marc9: ruleant, anything to say about it? ruleant: yes, I'm in favor of using it Marc9: Before we vote, does someone have a question about this? roccivic: any downsides to this that anyone can think of? ruleant: we could use the one used by linux kernel team, but we should add that the contribution is under GPLv2+ roccivic: extra hassle? Marc9: I am wondering, how we will publicize what a contributor needs to do nijel: it adds extra hassle, probably especially with pull requests madhuracj: In the case of a pull request is the hazzle with the contributor of the one who merges? ruleant: only a bit more hassle, when commiting, you need to add an option Marc9: Anyway I don't think we have a choice about this, do we? ruleant: with a pull request, the commiter has to add the signed-off-by, the reviewer has to check if the signed-off-by is there nijel: we can publicize this using contributor guidelines on github -https://github.com/blog/1184-contributing-guidelines Marc9: nijel good idea madhuracj: Yes, it sounds more effective than having it on our web or wiki Marc9: So, anybody against using a DCO and signing the commit? nijel: we have the choice, though having DCO will simplify the migration that all signed off commits agreed to the license * Marc9 is giving one minute for objections ibennetch-mobile: Sorry, my client disconnected so I missed any discussion in the past two or three minutes. ibennetch-mobile: I am fine with implementing the signed off by s ibennetch-mobile: Process, though. Marc9: Ok, we are implementing this; who volunteers for the tasks to be done? nijel: ibennetch-mobile: you have not missed much:https://wiki.phpmyadmin.net/pma/2013-11_Meeting_IRC_Log ruleant: I can create a DCO nijel: DCO can be done by conservancy ruleant: based on the one from linux kernel nijel: (and it's probably better to leave it on them as it is legal stuff) ruleant: ok, I'll work with them to create a DCO madhuracj: So what's left to be done is documenting about this? Marc9: nijel, agreed, so please tell them, then we can prepare a CONTRIBUTING file Marc9: Point 2, preparing for GSoC 2014 ruleant: feedback we got at the summit is that the most important part of an org application is a strong ideas list Marc9: By the way, the wiki server has to be very solid, because Carol told us that when Google looks at the idea page, if it's not online, we are out ibennetch-mobile: We have done well then ruleant: we still have some time to fill the ideas page, applications start in February Marc9: we only have three ideas, how many should we aim to have? ibennetch-mobile: I am running out of ideas aside from "bug fixing and new features". nijel: how many students we aim to have next year? roccivic: some collective brainstorming for generating new ideas might be good roccivic: perhaps on a separate occasion Marc9: normally, the RFE list is a good start for brainstorming ibennetch-mobile: I thought the number of students was good this year. nijel: maybe everybody of us just could go through RFE list and think what could be done as GSoC project? Marc9: nijel, I did it, but I found no big project ibennetch-mobile: Number of ideas should be perhaps five or so ideas more than we hope to get slots. ruleant: or multiple ones combined if one is not enough to fill 12 weeks Marc9: five students sounds good, so we should have about eight ideas... Marc9: next point? ruleant: I agree with Marc Marc9: Point 3, Trademarks nijel: this is basically followup to last month discussion Marc9: We should only trademark the name, not the logo, and only in the US nijel: I don't think it's worth of the money to invest into anything more than US, other opinions? ruleant: it is rather expensive madhuracj: I agree that US is enough ruleant: it depends on what we would use the trademark for ruleant: if it(s only for the domain names (next point), then the US one should be enough Marc9: Ok, US only for now, only on the name and not the logo nijel: it will also allow us to define policy when it can be used, though I'd be for quite benevolent policy Marc9: Point 4, Domain names Marc9: I would like to fight for phpmyadmin.org ruleant: I'm in favor of trying to get the .com and .org domain names, through negotation Marc9: ruleant, what do you mean, negotiation? they advertise the price at 30K USD ruleant: quote from wiki : For 1-2 domain names, the fees for filing a UDRP complaint starts at $1300. Of course, any pre-complaint negotiations would only cost Conservancy staff time. nijel: Marc9: conservancy can try it, I think they're just trying to get as much as possible Marc9: OK, so let them try nijel: will we aim on both .com and .org? ruleant: 1300 USD for filing a complaint is far less then 30K ruleant: (than the 30K the current owner is asking) ibennetch-mobile: I too think we should try to get both .com and .org, and I think it's a good use of money to file the complaint if Conservancy thinks there's a good chance to win it. madhuracj: I think we should try both .com and .org Marc9: Yes, both nijel: okay, agreed Marc9: Point 5, Server status ibennetch-mobile: I'm also very much against paying the ransom the current owner is requesting. Marc9: nijel? nijel: the status is as described on the wiki, I'm still waiting for rack rails Marc9: You needed the team to approve expenses, right? Marc9: or rather, the Conservancy needed... nijel: as mentioned the server needs new hard drives, so that we should approve (or not) here Marc9: you know I said yes ruleant: Conservancy required that someone else than Michal would tell them that the team agreed to buy hard drives Marc9: Please vote ruleant: I'm in favor madhuracj: In favor ibennetch-mobile: Agreed roccivic: Ok for me ibennetch-mobile: Whichever size nijel thinks is best. ruleant: BTW : I'm in favor of 2x 1TB roccivic: i vote for 2x500gb nijel: I think 2x.5TB would be enough, but 2x1TB is definitely more future proof in case we decide to have something what needs that space (though I have no idea what could it be) ibennetch-mobile: If we don't need 1TB then I don't see the point either. Our storage needs aren't likely to expand by that much. Marc9: are 1TB faster too? nijel: Marc9: IMHO these are basically same drives, so the size is the only difference Marc9: ok, so 2 x 500GB seems reasonable ibennetch-mobile: Sounds fine to me. nijel: okay Marc9: Point 6, MissionFish ruleant: who will report to Conservancy about this decision? Marc9: ruleant, please do ruleant: OK, I will (and refer to the report of this meeting) Marc9: About MissionFish, I don't think it's worth using any more time on this idea ibennetch-mobile: I would like to not have MissionFish. No one has yet asked for it and it seems like a niche market anyway. ibennetch-mobile: Yep, i agree nijel: I also agree to ignore it ruleant: I don't see the advantage of MissionFish for us either roccivic: same here madhuracj: Same here Marc9: This makes me think: when the demo server is phpMyAdmin-owned, I guess we should ask people to flattr the phpMyAdmin project on it nijel: Marc9: I can change the flatter there right now, I don't think it has received anything in past months Marc9: ok then Marc9: Last point: Roadmap to 4.1 Marc9: There has been a slowdown for bug fixing (in preparation for 4.1.0-rc1) Marc9: so I'm wondering if there are show stoppers for a release candidate. ruleant: how many bugs related to 4.1 are still open? Marc9: I haven't made the count, but we should try to find which are serious madhuracj: Indeed. Marc9: I have the master in production at my college madhuracj: I think some of the bugs related to error reporting needs to be fixed Marc9: Yes, like the one where PHP 5.4 is needed nijel: I agree, error reporting needs some polishing before we can release it nijel: also there are some not finished (or at least not merged) pull requests for it roccivic: I'll fix #4117 Marc9: Can we take a week to assess the severity of the tickets and discuss them on phpmyadmin-devel? madhuracj: I think that would be best ibennetch-mobile: That sounds reasonable. Marc9: roccivic: great nijel: okay Marc9: then we can decide on the date for -rc1 ruleant: Marc9: you mean we will decide on the date for rc1 a week from now? Marc9: publishing -rc1 will get us more feedback, of course; then we can get help from would-be GSoC students Marc9: ruleant, yes ruleant: Marc9 : yes, but are there would-be GSoC students around? Or shall we have a contest again? Marc9: of course if there are big showstoppers, the date will be set accordingly, but we need a plan Marc9: we can try a contest, but I suggest somewhere in february nijel: good idea, it might attract some attention Marc9: with or without a prize ? nijel: without price it's not much contest ruleant: I guess we won't wait releasing 4.1 (or any rc) until februari Marc9: By the way, Michal, you had an experience about bounties? ruleant: Marc9 : do we have prixe to give, like previous times? Marc9: ruleant, the contest would be on non-showstoppers bugs nijel: Marc9: not much yet, it really worked for few people so far... Marc9: I can contact Packt about some prizes Marc9: nijel, for Weblate? ibennetch-mobile: I think the prize is a nice idea but not sure what a good prize is. The books are great, I think. nijel: Marc9: yes, actually those people asked there for something like that, I would not open them up myself... Marc9: nijel OK ibennetch-mobile: I'm not a huge fan of cash bounties. Marc9: about the books, I'll try to convince Packt to give five ebooks, title chosen by the winner Marc9: Any other subject to discuss in this meeting? ibennetch-mobile: Even the PMA book is a nice prize. nijel: on bounties - bountysource imports all sf.net and github trackers anyway, so we have a presence therehttps://www.bountysource.com/trackers/265964-phpmyadmin ruleant: nothing comes to mind (maybe next IRL team meeting, but we can keep that for a next IRC meeting) nijel: good, I think we've managed all topics on time today Marc9: Meeting has ended, thanks everyone nijel: thanks everybody, bye ruleant: thanks, cu Marc9will prepare the report roccivic: bye, all ruleant: thanks Marc9 for preparing the report madhuracj: bye

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