2014 03_Meeting

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See also 2014-03 Meeting IRC Log

Separate logic and template


We should review and discuss Chanaka's proposal from last meeting.


We did not receive a proposal from Chanaka. Meanwhile we discussed the opportunity of introducing Bootstrap into the codebase. The advantages of using this are not clear, for a desktop version (maybe for a future mobile version). Further discussions are needed about this.

Booth materials


We infrequently man a booth. Should we acquire a retractable banner stand (for example http://store.nimlok.ca/product-category/products/banners/retractable-non-retractable/) ?

Of course we should wait until we are officially accepted, to order something.

I found a site in Montréal where they offer several models and where we upload a PDF. The economy model (retractable) (when open, 33 inches x 79 inches), printing included, is 99 CDN. Transport is 23 CDN, so I assume that the cost including taxes would be about 150 CDN.

--Lem9 18:47, 9 March 2014 (CET)


The team agrees with buying a retractable banner. Michal looked for prices and got approximately the same prices as Lem9. We explored a few examples like https://fsfe.org/graphics/booth-banner.svg. We will most likely hire someone to come up with the graphics (logo, motto "Bringing MySQL to the web" and URL).


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