2014 03_Meeting_IRC_Log

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<Marc9> Hi
<EdwardCheng> Hi
<ibennetch> If I'm not mistaken it's time for the meeting.
<Marc9> yes
<Marc9> Only two points in the meeting page
<Marc9> Hmmm, many missing members, let's wait a bit
<EdwardCheng> :D
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<Hugues_> Hi. Sorry for the delay…
<Marc9> Hi Hugues
<Hugues_> Did you start?
<Marc9> Hugues, we are waiting for more members to join
<Hugues_> Ok!
<Guest34413> I'm here now as well, sorry for delay...
<Guest34413> Oops, looks like my name is gone as well...
<Hugues_> What happened if one day, you're only 2/3 please? Do you postpone the meeting?
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<Marc9> Hugues it never happened so far
<Marc9> I guess we should start
<Marc9> I suggest we start with "booth materials"
<ibennetch> I haven't had the opportunity to help look in to these. I plan to this afternoon.
<Marc9> Note that the acceptance notification for the booth is "early April"
<Marc9> How about my suggestion to acquire a retractable banner stand + the banner itself?
<Hugues_> I think this is needed to be seen.
<nijel> I've looked at the price here and they are about the same (if this is for both print and stand)
<Hugues_> Do you know how long it will take to have it?
<Marc9> Yes it is, but
<ibennetch> Yeah, I too think it's a good purchase.
<Marc9> I'll have to measure my luggage to ensure it can fit inside it
<Marc9> The delay for me is 5 days
<ibennetch> Or perhaps get a case of some sort and carry it on for overhead storage.
<Marc9> Now, what would be put on it? :)
<Hugues_> Do you have the size when it is closed?
<Marc9> It would be a little more than 33 inches
<nijel> There is usually some textile case included IMHO
<Marc9> Yes there is a transport bag
<ibennetch> Well the logo with phpMyAdmin spelled out ;-)
<Marc9> portrait or landscape?
<Hugues_> Usually, this is a portrait banner…
<Marc9> Yes it'a portrait banner but how does the logo appear on it?
<ibennetch> I guess that depends on the banner; the ones I've been seeing would better fit a portrait orientation, but our logo looks good landscape.
<ibennetch> So we will have some unused space, and what to do with that is of course something you have to work out.
<ibennetch> *we* have to work out.
<nijel> I think having logo in landscape looks better
<Marc9> Look here:https://www.affichagesolutions.com/ACCESSOIRES%20D%20AFFICHAGE-Banni%C3%A8re%20avec%20Support%20en%20aluminium-60.php
<Marc9> nijel, you mean that we don't have to tilt our head 90 degrees to read it?
<nijel> Anyway I think we could use somebody more skilled with graphics here...
<nijel> Marc9: exactly
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<Hugues_> You think that we need a logo larger than 30 inches ?
<Hugues_> nijel: yes, if we have this kind of people.
<Marc9> In the example their write London in portrait. Maybe we could write "Bringing MySQL to the web" in the same orientation
<nijel> It could be something simple such as logo, short text and url, like http://printstuffs.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/600x600/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/p/r/premium-banner-stand-1.jpg
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<Hugues_> I like simplicity.
<Marc9> nijel, our logo would go where we read Enlight?
<nijel> Marc9: yes
<Hugues_> If we have too much information, we could need to "update" the banner.
<Marc9> In the middle we can put "Bringing MyQL to the web" in two lines
<Marc9> and our url where they put theirs on nijel's example
<nijel> Or to have some closer example: https://fsfe.org/graphics/booth-banner.svg
<Hugues_> With the main information only (logo, url, "devise" - don't know the english word), it won't move too much.
<Marc9> So, who is skilled in graphics? :)
<Hugues_> I'm not…
<nijel> We could hire somebody to do that, that's IMHO role we don't have in our team...
<Marc9> I could ask Michael Keck
<Marc9> or we could hire
<ibennetch> It may be a simple job, I can ask a friend if he would be willing to work on it and at what cost.
<EdwardCheng> Can I submit my attempt
<ibennetch> And I'll give it a shot myself if I have a few minutes today.
<Marc9> Edward you are welcome to submit your attempt
<nijel> EdwardCheng: sure, you're welcome
<Marc9> I suggest we move to the other subject, or rather, to talk about Bootstrap
<ibennetch> Sure
<Marc9> I don't think we got a suggestion from Chanaka?
<EdwardCheng> For Bootstrap, I don't think it's Suitable for PMA...
<Hugues_> As you said, it could be difficult to work on this subject without disturbing (or being disturbed by) other commits.
<Marc9> Michal, could you give your impressions about the "concepts" that you like in this?
<Marc9> Is this only for a future mobile version?
<EdwardCheng> Responsive, bootstrap based on this idea, for mobile version it's good. Not for desktop version, i think...
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<Hugues_> Yes, we won't see so much improvement on desktop version.
<Marc9> So what's the advantage of introducing Bootstrap in the code base, for a desktop version?
<nijel> Marc9: I'm not sure about mobile version for now, what I like is that you can do many of the initialization using HTML 5 data attributes, but maybe this exists for jQuery as well
<Hugues_> initialization? What do you mean please?
<EdwardCheng> More standardized, using Bootstrap. But Bt not designed for Tool front pages,
<EdwardCheng> Sorry, Bt is bootstrap,
<nijel> Hugues_: for many standard operations you don't have to write js code, you can do it just by html 5 data attributes
<Hugues_> Ok. I don't know this feature. Thanks.
<EdwardCheng> Shall we support IE 6,7 and 8? As I can see many serveies is running windows 2003 in china...
<nijel> but still I don't think this is good idea for GSoC
<Marc9> EdwardCheng, IMO what a server is running is not related to what the client uses as browser
<nijel> EdwardCheng: IE 6 and 7 do not currently work and I don't think we should invest any effort in fixing them (also nobody has noticed and complained about this)
<Marc9> nijel agreed
<Marc9> Anything more to discuss on this, or something else?
<ibennetch> I pretty much agree with everything but can't type fast enough on my phone to keep up :-)
<Marc9> :)
<Hugues_> Agree this will be difficult for GSoC.
<ibennetch> I have nothing else on the matter. Too difficult for GsoC. An MVC implementation may be worth it some time but probably not for GSoC
<Marc9> I can update the wiki, who can upload the IRC log?
<EdwardCheng> :D If it passed Also means i should change my subjects
<ibennetch> I don't have ash access from this job location but I can upload it tomorrow.
<Marc9> Ok, so it seems we can declare the meeting is over
<nijel> Okay, bye
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<Marc9> Bye all
<Hugues_> Thanks.
<Hugues_> Bye.