2015 03_Meeting_IRC_Log

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Marc9:  Hi nijel
nijel:  Hi Marc9
Marc9:  Who wants to run the thing?
Marc9:  Hi madhuracj
madhuracj:  HI Marc
Marc9:  We start in three minutes
ibennetch-mobile:  Sorry I can't help run the meeting or post the log today.
Marc9:  If there is no volunteer I can do both plus updating the wiki
nijel:  Marc9: I was just about to write same, but you were faster
Marc9:  nijel, please do it, even if I was faster
nijel:  okay
nijel:  so first topic: Supporting Conservancy defend the GPL
nijel:  the suggestion on mailing list was to donate $200
Marc9:  I am in favor, 200 USD or more
madhuracj:  I am also in favor
zixtor:  I am in favor of supporting that cause and $200 is fine by me..
Marc9:  Hi smita786 ("salut connasse")
ibennetch-mobile:  More is okay for me.
_dstorm:  I am also in favor
smita786:  Hi marc
_dstorm:  by more how much you mean?
smita786:  I am also in favor
ibennetch-mobile:  Perhaps $500?
_dstorm:  we should come up with some figure
Marc9:  I'm ok with 500 USD
nijel:  $500 is okay for me
zixtor:  fine by me too
_dstorm:  okay for me as well
nijel:  looks like this was fast, so I will say this to Bradley
smita786:  500 USD sounds good
nijel:  next topic: Supporting Conservancy in general
Marc9:  I asked about this, because they mention having money problem
Marc9:  problems
Marc9:  Revenues from projects don't pay for a single staff member
ibennetch-mobile:  They already get some portion of our donations, but we could donate a bit more. I don't object.
nijel:  That's true, most of funds needed to run Conservancy come from sponsors
zixtor:  So in face of it our donation is going to very humble, anyway I support to commit an yearly amount for it..
_dstorm:  page says about annual supporter program
Marc9:  Should we commit for the annual 120 USD?
smita786:  how much are we donating as of now ?
_dstorm:  or more?
Marc9:  smita we donate 10%
zixtor:  I think that's just the starter amount?
zixtor:  maybe we can do more
Marc9:  this is the starter for an individual
Marc9:  We could give let's say 4 x 120 USD
Marc9:  per year
zixtor:  smita786, we don't donate as of now I think, we just pay a fee as percentage
nijel:  maybe it would be better to agree on higher percentages with them?
Marc9:  zixtor thanks for the clarification
ibennetch-mobile:  I prefer to make a donation rather than adjusting our percentage. That way we can easily adjust the amount if we desire.
Marc9:  nijel we could do that but maybe it would be more complex
ibennetch-mobile:  4x120 USD seems okay to start.
madhuracj:  I also prefer donations rather than adjusting the percentage
smita786:  I am also fine with 4x120 USD
Marc9:  If we do that for two years, we'll get 8 t-shirts
zixtor:  Fine by me as well. and t-shirts sound cool
nijel:  sounds good, but I guess we will first have to clarify that with conservancy, whether paying conservancy supporter from project funds is okay or we need to find other way....
Marc9:  nijel I bet they will accept!
zixtor:  Yeah
Marc9:  nijel please ask them
nijel:  I'm sure they will find some way to do that, but still we need to follow IRS regulations
nijel:  anyway it seems that we have consensus on this one as well
nijel:  next topic:  Users mailing list
_dstorm:  I am in favor of deletion after getting a backup of it if possible
madhuracj:  In favor of deleting
nijel:  I was about to say same thing as _dstorm
ibennetch-mobile:  Same for me
smita786:  I'll also vote for deletion
_dstorm:  can we get a backup of it?
Marc9:  and if it's not possible to get a backup?
_dstorm:  then can we close subscription and messages to it?
Marc9:  IMO a backup is not really important, these are old discussions
Marc9:  dstorm, it's already closed
Marc9:  but I can ask SourceForge about getting a backup
ibennetch-mobile:  I say delete regardless of whether we can back it up. Check in to it but don't save it if it's not possible.
nijel:  looking at the admin interface, we can also set the visibility to hidden - the archive stays there, but not visible...
udan11:  I'm sorry for intruding, but can't you make it private?
_dstorm:  If its really old then I am fine with deletion
nijel:  ...but trying to do that leads to Error 500
_dstorm:  nijel and udan11 that is also a good solution
Marc9:  Ok I'll ask SF and tell the team about having a backup
_dstorm:  we can ask sourceforge about backup and if not possible then we can go with deletion
nijel:  okay, agreed
nijel:  next one:  Themes
Marc9:  Madhura, would you update a few older themes?
madhuracj:  Indeed
madhuracj:  We didnt receive much themes from community recently
_dstorm:  its nice to have few more themes
Marc9:  I was told that darkblue-orange is good for color-blind users; anybody knows a color-blind person?
madhuracj:  The theme page has themes compatible with older versions
madhuracj:  So i think it makes sense to put some effort into it
nijel:  do we really want to ship themes separately? we don't get external contributions anyway and having it with the code would make it easier to maintain...
_dstorm:  maybe we have to take google's help here for color blind theme
nijel:  also having colorblind friendly theme in defaults themes set sounds like a good idea
madhuracj:  @nijel: agreed
Marc9:  nijel it depends on how many new themes we would have; we already got complaints about the size of the kit
Marc9:  I would gladly get rid of "Original"
_dstorm:  one color blind theme in default set and others as separate
nijel:  Marc9: if the theme changes just colors, it will be quite small
Marc9:  nijel: probably that icons need change too
Marc9:  (for color-blindness)
smita786:  I agree on getting rid of theme "Original"
_dstorm:  I am not sure how will users react to removal of original theme
nijel:  Marc9: that's true ... still one theme is currently 1 MB, so no that much
madhuracj:  I'd wait till some other theme is compatible with 4.x before getting rid of original theme
Marc9:  Madhura, yeah I meant when there is another theme in the kit
_dstorm:  Agreed
nijel:  I'm fine with removing Original, but not sure how users will like it...
madhuracj:  @nijel: Indeed, it has been there for a long time and I suspect quite a lot of people are using it
Marc9:  nijel, the pmahomme theme has been the default for a number of years
ibennetch-mobile:  Is Original compatible with 4.x?
Marc9:  Isaac yes, it's in the downloaded kit
zixtor_:  Yes it is
Marc9:  we need something in the reporting server to tell us what is the running theme
zixtor_:  I am okay with removing it though
ibennetch-mobile:  Then I would keep Original for some time longer.
smita786:  Marc9, I was thinking the same
nijel:  we can just move it from the download kit and offer it separately on themes page?
madhuracj:  Any ideas on which theme(s) you'd like to be improved to be compatible with 4.x?
zixtor_:  Marc9: yes that will be useful to decide on it, maybe we can add it to the gsoc project on error reporting this year
Marc9:  zixtor yes
ibennetch-mobile:  There were some tickets about old themes, so we know at least one person is interested in each of those
Marc9:  I remember that Paradice looked quite good
madhuracj:  I prefer metro as well
nijel:  also Metro theme was quite popular...
_dstorm:  I've never used an external theme..
Marc9:  we can check the download stats!
nijel:  Marc9: Metro is definitely most popular there
Marc9:  Ok so Madhura can start with Metro
madhuracj:  great
_dstorm:  metro or color blind first?
Marc9:  Metro might be color-blind-ready ?
nijel:  I also think that it's quite colorblind friendly as it basically does not use different colors....
_dstorm:  thats great then
Marc9:  and icons are only black/white, correct?
nijel:  Marc9: yes
nijel:  okay, so I think that's decided, do we want to discuss deeper fate of the Original theme?
Marc9:  maybe after having some stats on it?
_dstorm:  maybe waiting for stats from reporting server after we start collecting it
nijel:  okay, let's postpone this decision
zixtor:  yes right, we may postpone till then
nijel:  next topic: re requests discussion
Marc9:  For 1300 I'm not sure it's worth the work
madhuracj:  That's what I felt too, after doing some work on it
nijel:  ...actually: Feature requests discussion (wrong copy and paste)
_dstorm:  why should pma keep audit history
nijel:  I tend to agree on 1300, it's quite a lot of work
Marc9:  _dstorm, we already do it "tracking"
zixtor:  I also think tracking feature is enough for tables/views
Marc9:  It the amount of work but also, would probably not be used by many users
Marc9:  It's
smita786:  yeah, agree with Marc
nijel:  nobody in favor of this, so let's reject it
zixtor:  Besides it will require to change the configuration structure also as Madhura mentions
* Marc9 changed the status on 1300
nijel:  for 338 I feel more it's a bug or inconsistency which should be fixed
madhuracj:  Agreed
Marc9:  About 338, it's an inconsistency but IMO it's more a result of the chosen interface
zixtor:  Yeah that too
nijel:  that's true as well, but that does not change my feeling
Marc9:  nijel I'm ok with moving this to Bugs
nijel:  any objections?
zixtor:  Agreed
madhuracj:  Fine by me
smita786:  I agree
Marc9:  By the way, the whole Database > Query could be a GSoC project
_dstorm:  I agree too
nijel:  Marc9: can you shortly describe on our ideas page?
Marc9:  nijel, the problem is, we have to suggest something for replacement, right?
nijel:  the student can come with idea for replacement
Marc9:  yes, ok, will do
nijel:  thanks
nijel:  next one, 354
nijel:  I think it makes sense
Marc9:  yes
_dstorm:  I does make sense
smita786:  yeah, it'll be good to have
madhuracj:  Not sure whehter we need to provide the option to sort, However, havinng sorted by the name makes more sense IMO
Marc9:  Milestone is now changed
Marc9:  and 338 moved to Bugs
nijel:  okay, 415
Marc9:  Isaac said no on 415
madhuracj:  I also feel the same
nijel:  I dont' really have strong opinion here
zixtor:  I think it can be useful..
Marc9:  Can be useful but we have other priorities IMO
Marc9:  plus, adding code for marginally useful features means more code to maintain
zixtor:  Yeah that's true
smita786:  true
Marc9:  and the request is 12 years old
Marc9:  ok, 11 years
zixtor:  Ok, so it's not gonna be used much anyway.. I am okay with no to this..
nijel:  okay, let's reject it
_dstorm:  reject it
nijel:  last one: 1609
Marc9:  the question was more about the dropdowns
zixtor:  I don't think we need locks on checkboxes and select dropdowns either
smita786:  yeah i agree with zixter
Marc9:  on table Structure, there are a lot of dropdowns that can be changed and I would be sorry to lose this work
zixtor:  Maybe a combination you mean then?
Marc9:  ?
zixtor:  more than a certain number?
madhuracj:  I think they should be treated just like inputs
nijel:  same with creating index...
nijel:  ...last three minutes of meeting to go
smita786:  But it might get annoying to be prompted everytime on small change
zixtor:  I think it depends on user preference more than a objective approach to it
Marc9:  I suggest to postpone 1609 to discuss the reporting server
nijel:  okay
_dstorm:  okay
zixtor:  Agreed
smita786:  yeah
nijel:  hmm, but I have to leave at six, what gives us last minute
Marc9:  we can postpone all the rest, then
zixtor:  I am okay with server side removal of old reports..
zixtor:  okay we can postpone
nijel:  I'm fine with server side solution as well.
_dstorm:  Server side solution looks good to me
smita786:  yeah i agree as well with server side solution
zixtor:  though client side may sound difficult from user experience perspective, so maybe we can leave as it is for the client side
zixtor:  and let the users submit for old versions as well
Marc9:  do you mean, an automatic server-side removal, or manual?
nijel:  sorry, but I have to leave now, whatever you discuss from now, please post it to IRC log and meeting wiki..
Marc9:  (I mean, marking out-of-date)
Marc9:  let's end the meeting and continue by email!
nijel:  okay, bye
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