2015 11_Meeting

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See also the 2015-11 Meeting IRC Log

Dividing the work between developers


Postponed from last month, and only needing to be discussed if there are remaining issues or questions after the mailing list discussion.

--Ibennetch 15:45, 14 October 2015 (CEST)


To recap:

  • Madhura still security coordinator
  • Issue tracker used extensively to divide work
  • Both developers doing bugfix (depending on the number of incoming bugs) and enhancements

Vote on membership changes


  • Chirayu wants to step down from the team
  • New team members: Deven Bansod, Dan Ungureanu

--Nijel 16:56, 3 November 2015 (CET)


Both proposals were accepted.

Theme configuration directives


For quite a long time the theme configuration directives have been under a $cfg array but are defined exclusively in themes/themename/layout.inc.php. See for example http://docs.phpmyadmin.net/en/latest/config.html?highlight=mainbackground#cfg_MainBackground. Note that in files under themes/themename/css they are referred to as $GLOBALS['cfg']['something']. This brings a possible confusion (like myself trying to add such directive in config.inc.php) so maybe we should move these directives under another array (starting with 4.6 and its themes)

--Lem9 23:55, 4 November 2015 (CET)


As it's unclear how ofter users are changing the themes, and as they currently need to do the change in layout.inc.php, we will remove the theme-specific configuration directives from the doc and just point users to respective layout.inc.php. Marc will do that.

GSoC 2016


  • Who will be our org admin and backup org admin?
  • Other wiki pages to set up


  • Potential mentors have until Nov. 25 to add their ideas to the list
  • A "Theme creation tool" idea will be added
  • A "Download customization tool" idea will be added
    • Those two features might be combined (workload to evaluate)
  • Marc will be the org admin, with Isaac as the backup

--Lem9 16:22, 9 November 2015 (CET)

Packagist (follow-up)



  • The Packagist theme does not seem to want to implement anything special for us
  • Dan will document how to use our composer package

--Lem9 16:08, 10 November 2015 (CET)

Ability to disable the navigationhiding Feature



We won't add configuration directives to disable these features, but will just use the existing directives where one defines the corresponding table. It was suggested that some value (for example null or 'disable') would indicate that this feature is disabled with no warning in the configuration storage verification page.

--Lem9 03:28, 11 November 2015 (CET)

Suggestion for milestone 4.6.0


I suggest March 1, 2016 for 4.6.0. At this point I believe we'll have enough new features and refactoring in the master branch.

This would mean that GSoC 2016 would target a 4.7.0 release.



--Lem9 01:16, 11 November 2015 (CET)


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