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2016 02_Meeting_IRC_Log

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07:00 < bennetch> Good morning
07:00 < nijel> Hello everybody
07:00 < bennetch> or afternoon, evening, or night
07:00 < zixtor> Hello all, good evening
07:00 < bennetch> Time for the monthly phpMyAdmin developer meeting.
07:01 < bennetch> Unless there is an objection, I can continue to run the meetings as in the past.
07:01 < zixtor> Sure, thanks
07:01 < nijel> ibennetch: you're welcome to do that
07:01 < nijel> looks like it's not much of us here today...
07:01 < bennetch> I think I see three of us, nijel, zixtor, and myself
07:02 < bennetch> The first issue is Marc's resignation
07:02 -!- ibennetch [] has quit [Client Quit]
07:02 -!- You're now known as ibennetch
07:02 < ibennetch> Any discussion about this?
07:02 < nijel> of course I accept it...
07:02 < ibennetch> Otherwise we'll just vote and there's not much to say, I vote to accept
07:03 < zixtor> I also vote to accept
07:03 < hexhaxtron> zixtor,  Import has been successfully finished, 190 queries executed. (epiz_17290904_guitar.sql)
07:03 < hexhaxtron> zixtor, and now it has the new or old username and password?
07:04 < ibennetch> Marc has done a lot for the project, of course managing it for years but under him we made several major releases, entered GSoC, added members, etc. His contributions will be missed.
07:04 < ibennetch> Okay, moving on to the next item, which is GSoC
07:04 -!- madhuracj [] has joined #phpmyadmin
07:04 < ibennetch> Hello madhuracj
07:04 < nijel> Hi madhuracj
07:04 < ibennetch> You're not too late to officially vote on accepting marc's resignation; the rest of us did of course
07:05 < madhuracj> Hello everyone
07:05 < madhuracj> I vote in favor
07:05 < ibennetch> About GSoC, since the application period is open I thought we should have a brief discussion. I appreciated all the feedback about the application draft.
07:05 < zixtor> hexhaxtron: we are in the middle of a monthly meeting, please follow
07:06 < ibennetch> There isn't too much to discuss here, as a reminder Madhura and I are currently the GSoC project admins (I assume you got the invitation to join; their interface isn't clear whether you accepted)
07:06 < madhuracj> I've already joined
07:07 < zixtor> ibennetch: I didn't get the invitation
07:07 < ibennetch> I'll check on the process zixtor, thanks.
07:07 < zixtor> Do I have to send connection request like earlier interface
07:07 < zixtor> Ok thanks
07:08 < nijel> zixtor: AFAIK now it's only for admins, mentos will get in later
07:08 < nijel> ...mentors...
07:08 < ibennetch> Mentos are a candy here, mmmm :)
07:09 < zixtor> nijel: okay
07:09 < ibennetch> I'll complete the application and get us underway,
07:09 < ibennetch> Next up, the 4.6.0 pre-release
07:09 < ibennetch> Are we ready for an official -alpha now? I think so, and I'll just publish the known bugs that are still being targetted
07:10 < madhuracj> I also think it's time for an alpha
07:10 < nijel> I agree, let's get more feedback
07:10 < zixtor> I agree as well
07:11 < ibennetch> I'll plan to do that today, then. Thanks to nijel for already creating the QA branch.
07:11 < ibennetch> And we all agree about releasing 4.5.5 at some point (I think the target date is in two weeks)
07:11 < ibennetch> Despite the fact that 4.6 is so near?
07:11 < ibennetch> How long, then, will we support 4.5.x?
07:12 < ibennetch> (for both security and bugs)
07:12 < nijel> I think we should release 4.5.5 on schedule and follow with 4.6.0 month after it.
07:12 < nijel> Also I don't see reason for longer support for 4.5.5 as there has been no requirements changes.
07:13 < madhuracj> Indeed. May be April 1st 2016?
07:13 < ibennetch> That's what I thought about dropping support for 4.5.x, but wasn't sure what everyone else thinks.
07:13 < nijel> That's also end of support for 4.4.x :-)
07:14 < madhuracj> Yes, I noticed
07:14 < madhuracj> And I think it make sense to extend support for 4.4
07:14 < ibennetch> So at that point, April 1, we'll plan to release 4.6 and drop support for 4.5. I'll update the milestone dates at github.
07:15 < ibennetch> I would like to extend support for 4.4, but the last round of fixes required some different changes to each code base, increasing the burden on us.
07:16 < ibennetch> I still think we should do it, I'm just mentioning that it was a hassle.
07:16 < ibennetch> How long should we extend support?
07:16 < nijel> ibennetch: sounds okay, also sticking release date on 1st day of month sounds like a good idea
07:16 < ibennetch> Also, if people are still on 4.4, they could technically downgrade to 4.0 if we drop support.
07:16 < ibennetch> nijel: thanks
07:17 < ibennetch> We know people are still using these old versions, too, based on feedback from the security fixes of January.
07:17 < ibennetch> So everyone is okay with extending support for 4.4 at this point
07:17 < ibennetch> ?
07:18 < ibennetch> (security support only, of course)
07:18 < madhuracj> I'm in favor
07:18 < zixtor> I agree.
07:18 < nijel> I don't really see need for that, none of the PHP versions we support there is security supported now
07:18 < nijel> Even 5.5 will end in 4 months...
07:18 < nijel> See
07:19 < madhuracj> Hmm. Thinking again, now that there is the option to downgrade to 4.0.x, I tend to disagree with my own proposal.
07:20 -!- DevenB [73f81a3d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #phpmyadmin
07:20 < ibennetch> Just to make sure, someone running MySQL 5.1 or PHP 5.2 will not be able to downgrade or upgrade.
07:21 < ibennetch> Sorry, PHP 5.3.1 I mean, but that's an odd version anyway.
07:21 < ibennetch> PHP 5.2 is supported by our 4.0 branch, I misspoke.
07:22 < nijel> Indeed we would be without PHP 5.3 and 5.4 support...
07:23 < ibennetch> Sorry for the silence from me, I'm trying to sort out versions and support. MySQL 5.1 is still active and supported on some platforms.
07:23 < ibennetch> I'm trying to find a scenario where a user could use a supported version of MySQL and not get phpMyAdmin support.
07:25 < ibennetch> I think we can drop 4.4. I don't see any situation where this would cause a user difficulty, other than having to downgrade if their PHP is really old.
07:25 < ibennetch> *downgrade to 4.0*
07:26 < nijel> there are still Linux distribution supported PHP/MySQL versions, these will definitely cover old versions for some time, but the question is if we want to help them or keep handling phpMyAdmin fixes on them
07:28 < nijel> eg. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is supported till April 2017 and has PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.5
07:28 < ibennetch> They've got to handle their own PHP and MySQL security fixes, so I don't personally think it's any different for us, we declare EOL and they continue to patch PMA. But it doesn't seem like a large burden on us to extend this deadline, either.
07:28 < ibennetch> I don't have a strong feeling about this matter.
07:29 < madhuracj> Me neither.
07:29 < ibennetch> Seems there's not much more to discuss, so let's vote.
07:29 < ibennetch> I propose to extend 4.4 another six months
07:29 < nijel> In case of Ubuntu, they do not provide securtity updates for phpMyAdmin, so it's more on the users here than on distro
07:29 < ibennetch> Oh, ok.
07:30 < nijel> I agree with ibennetch, extending 6 months sounds okay for now, no extended support for 4.5
07:30 < ibennetch> Six months will get us approximately a year after the official EOL of those PHP versions. I feel bad for the Ubuntu users but don't feel a need to keep supporting some other project's timeline.
07:31 < ibennetch> (or maybe in six months we'll extend it again O_o )
07:32 < nijel> (we could also break every 4.4 release to see how many users will complain ;-))
07:32 < ibennetch> hehe
07:32 < ibennetch> Okay, seeing no further discussion we'll extend is for six months, which is October 1, 2016.
07:33 < ibennetch> We should probably post a webpage news and email announce item about this extended support.
07:33 < ibennetch> One issue to discuss this month:
07:34 < madhuracj> Yes, that sounds like a good idea
07:34 < ibennetch> it's about the HTTP logout causing difficulty to log back in.
07:35 < ibennetch> I wonder if we could make this better by redirecting to the phpMyAdmin root page when in 'http' only, instead of how we currently try to bring the user back to where they were.
07:35 < ibennetch> If not, or if that's too complex, then I thought we should drop this as a known issue that is a limitation of the http authentication.
07:35 < nijel> I think it at least deserves to be documented (I thought there was some doc on this, but couldn't find it)
07:35 -!- marlinc [~marlinc@unaffiliated/marlinc] has left #phpmyadmin ["Leaving"]
07:37 < ibennetch> I can handle the documentation if we decide this isn't able to be fixed.
07:37 < ibennetch> If there's no clear answer, we can leave the issue open, I'll document it, and we can move forward in the issue tracker rather than here.
07:38 < nijel> I think it's not easily fixable, so I'd go with documentation only
07:38 < ibennetch> Ok.
07:38 < ibennetch> I don't have any other items on the agenda.
07:39 < ibennetch> Thank you all for coming, have a great day.
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