2016 05_Meeting

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See also 2016-05_Meeting_IRC_Log

Attending: ibennetch, nijel

Roadmap for 5.0?


What are our plans for version 5.0? Is there anything on the roadmap that will justify a version jump to 5.0? --ibennetch


There is nothing on the roadmap for 5.0, just incremental fixes for now.



We began a migration to the GitHub wiki platform instead of our own Mediawiki instance. Are we happy with that conversion? Should we depreciate the old wiki? --ibennetch


Things we like about Github wiki: Git integration, authentication is built in.

Things we like about hosting our own: Looks better, we have more control over it. We dislike having to maintain another authentication means.

Isaac will research other wiki platforms that may have OAuth support and/or better git integration.

Case-sensitivity issues


I wonder if we can make progress on https://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin/issues/11816


There isn't much to report; nijel is unable to reproduce and Isaac hasn't had much luck fixing it, so we'll keep the issue open and continue efforts.

Language issues


With issue https://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin/issues/12118 recurring, do we need to discuss a resolution? Should we correct this and issue 4.6.2 soon as a solution?


This was fixed this morning. We'll update the milestone for 4.6.2 to put us back on the normal release schedule, so that this fix is released in less than two weeks.


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