2016 05_Meeting_IRC_Log

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08:00 < ibennetch> Hello, it's time for the monthly developer meeting. This will be logged and posted to the wiki. Everyone is welcome to add their comments.
08:00 < ibennetch> nijel: good afternoon
08:01 < nijel> Hello ibennetch
08:01 < onla_> nijel: sweet thanks it worked
08:02 < nijel> ibennetch: it seems it will be just two of us on this meeting
08:03 < ibennetch> O_o
08:03 < ibennetch> Of course Deven said he can't make it, but I don't recall the others replying.
08:04 < ibennetch> Would you prefer to wait a few minutes or begin?
08:04 < nijel> We can wait, AFAIR Madhura is usually slightly late...
08:12 < ibennetch> nijel: have you seen this StackOverflow question about the Ubuntu package? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/37089568/phpmyadmin-error-during-installation-empty-value-for-port-specified
08:13 < ibennetch> Since it's only one user I wonder if he has some odd case causing the continuous loop
08:13 < nijel> no, but that explains https://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin/issues/12246
08:14 < ibennetch> Indeed
08:16 < nijel> hmm, do we want meeting with just two of us? it seems nobody else will join...
08:18 < ibennetch> I'm rather indifferent, I think the two of us could discuss most of these issues ourselves but don't mind waiting, either.
08:18 < ibennetch> We can start now and see whether we want to postpone any individual items until next month.
08:19 < nijel> okay, lets start
08:20 < ibennetch> First item: roadmap to 5.0
08:20 < ibennetch> Basically I wonder what will justify the jump from 4.x to 5.0
08:20 < ibennetch> And if we have any long-term plans we can put in the issue tracker or wiki as goals for 5.0
08:20 < ibennetch> I don't have any, honestly.
08:21 < ibennetch> We seem to be in a cycle of small incremental fixes and bug fixing, which is fine; I don't have any grand goal for 5.0
08:22 < nijel> I don
08:22 < nijel> I don't see any either...
08:22 < ibennetch> Okay, then we'll just continue with 4.x releases until some big change happens :)
08:23 < nijel> I think once we reach 4.9, next one could be 5.0 ;-)
08:23 < ibennetch> I imagined some PHP or MySQL end-of-life cycle occuring around then in which case we might justify the jump to 5.0 also
08:24 < ibennetch> PMA 5.0 is only compatible with PHP8  or something like that
08:24 < ibennetch> But we'll have to wait to decide on that. 
08:24 < nijel> that might be good reason as well, but there is nothing like that behind corner...
08:25 < ibennetch> yeah, more likely we'll get to 4.10 before that happens, so we justify the change to 5.0 then. Good points.
08:25 < ibennetch> Next up is the wiki; are you happy with the Github wiki?
08:25 < nijel> I like that it's accessible by git, but the web presence is worse that mediawiki
08:25 < nijel> ...than...
08:26 < ibennetch> It's not much difference to me. I sort of like self-hosting, and I believe there's a git plugin to work with mediawiki, which I only learned about last week.
08:26 < ibennetch> So if the only motivating feature is the git integration, perhaps we want to switch back and use that plugin (if it works; I did not test it)
08:26 < ibennetch> I agree that the git integration is a huge benefit.
08:27 < ibennetch> And I agree that the web presence isn't as good, which is why I had doubts about fully switching over.
08:27 < nijel> Also I like integration with Github authentication, so that we don't need separate database of users and separate spam fighting...
08:28 < nijel> there were quite a lot of spam pages which were not noticed...
08:28 < ibennetch> The authentication is also nice.
08:29 < nijel> Mediawiki doesn't support OAuth, so these can not be integrated.
08:29 < nijel> We could also try different self hosted solution which would do Git and OAuth, but that quite some effort to set it up...
08:30 < ibennetch> I think if we were able to look at history via git we could more easily notice spam, too.
08:30 < nijel> (I think https://ikiwiki.info/ would do that, but I've never installed it)
08:31 < ibennetch> Okay, those are some good suggestions, then. I can do some research and if you decide to also we can share findings, and discuss again in a month. How's that sound?
08:31 < nijel> sounds okay, I will anyway continue in moving user docs to our documentation
08:31 < ibennetch> For now we'll keep using the github wiki with hopes of transferring from github wiki to our new solution, if we find one.
08:31 < ibennetch> Yes, you've been doing quite a good job with that.
08:32 < nijel> Well most of the actions on Github wiki are page removals, that would be quite easy to replay on mediawiki as well if we decide to go back
08:33 < ibennetch> Great.
08:33 < ibennetch> The next item is the language issue with 4.6.0 and 4.6.1
08:33 < ibennetch> I saw you committed a fix an hour or so ago
08:33 < ibennetch> So perhaps this is not an issue any longer
08:33 < nijel> You skipped Case-sensitivity issues :-)
08:34 < ibennetch> Oh, right,
08:34 < nijel> but indeed the language issue should be fixed for real now
08:34 < ibennetch> Do you think I should release 4.6.2 (or this week about the issue?
08:35 < nijel> I'd probably wait a bit, at least https://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin/issues/12229 seems worth investigating as well for quicker fix
08:36 < ibennetch> Yeah, definitely
08:36 < nijel> but 4.6.2 should probably follow sooner than later...
08:37 < ibennetch> Let's tentatively plan on releasing it approximately early on the week of May 22.
08:37 < ibennetch> That gives a bit over a week to finalize any more issues and puts us close to the previous schedule which I believe was releases on the 21st or 22nd.
08:38 < nijel> Okay, will you set the deadline for the milestone?
08:39 < ibennetch> Sure, I'll set it for May 23 for now.
08:39 < ibennetch> Lastly, the case issue.
08:40 < ibennetch> This one is frustrating for me. It's true that the PMA behavior has changed, which it shouldn't, but the problem occurs because people defy the MySQL recommendation.
08:40 < nijel> It's definitely something we should fix (especially as it used to work before), unfortunately I can not reproduce it to play with it...
08:42 < nijel> I think it will cause some other problems as well, it's just that it's hard to debug...
08:42 < ibennetch> I'm not sure that I'm able to give you remote access (due to my ISP blocking most outbound ports), but I can definitely do some testing.
08:43 < ibennetch> It's one of those things I keep meaning to work towards and other things take my time instead.
08:43 < ibennetch> Un-tagging unrelated phpmyadmin tagged posts on Stack Overflow is a busy task ;)
08:44 < ibennetch> So I guess we'll just leave it open for now and do what we can towards it.
08:45 < nijel> This is probably best approach
08:46 < ibennetch> Anything else you'd like to discuss before we close the meeting?
08:46 < nijel> I don't see anything
08:46 < ibennetch> Great, we'll close the meeting then. Thanks for attending.
08:47 < nijel> thanks for handling it, bye
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