2016 12_Meeting

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See also IRC Log and Minutes.

The 4.7.0 release


The original schedule expected this release to be out few months ago, but we didn't do that and probably weren't ready. But it's time to think about new schedule.


4.7.0 beta in January around 4.6.6, what will be last regular release in 4.6 series and final 4.7.0 in March (to follow two months release cycle)

GSoC 2017


GSoC 2017 has been announced a while back. Do we want to participate in GSoC 2017? What would be the goals/projects ?

We should decide soon and if we are indeed participating, prepare a probable project ideas list since the organisation application starts on 19th January and ends on 9th February.


We will apply for participation in GSoC 2017

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