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A list of tasks and discussion for enhancing phpMyAdmin with AJAX. Partially implemented with the Google Summer of Code 2010 project AJAXify the phpMyAdmin Interface.

JavaScript Functions that can be refactored with jQuery code

In file js/functions.js

  • confirmLink(): done
  • confirmQuery()
  • checkSqlQuery()

In file js/common.js

  • addEvent()
  • removeEvent()
  • getElementsByClassName()

In file js/server_synchronize.js

  • showDetails()

Actions to be Ajaxified on different pages

Navigation panel

  • Create table (show in a popup dialog): done

Main Page (main.php & js/main.js)

  • Change Password (will also affect user_password.php): done
  • Create a New Database (will also affect db_create.php): done

Privileges from the main menu(server_privileges.php & js/server_privileges.js)

  • Add a new user: done
  • Revoke a user (and also drop databases with same name as user): done
  • Edit privileges: done
  • Export privileges: done
  • Paginate table of users: done
  • Flush privileges: done

Database Privileges

  • Add a new user: done

Database Operations (db_operations.php & js/db_operations.js)

  • Create table: done
  • Rename Database: done
  • Copy Database: done
  • Change Collation: done

Database Structure

  • Clicking on Insert for a table (will help user inserting for multiple tables from one place): done

Table Browse

  • Page navigation: done
  • Actions on multiple rows:
    • Change - done
    • Export - In export we have to save the results for a file. We can do that by setting the header parameter "Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="." in non ajax response and browser will save the data to the file. But in ajax, even though we set the parameter correctly the browser does not save the content for a file.

Refer :

We can use this Jquery plugin as a solution for this issue.

Plugin :

Table Structure

  • Actions on multiple rows:
    • Change: done
  • Index
    • Edit: done
    • Hide/Show index: done
  • Change one column: done
  • Add column(s): done

Table Operations (tbl_operations.php & js/tbl_operations.js)

  • Alter table order (Sort): done
  • Move Table: Should not ajaxify this
  • Table Options: todo
  • Copy Table: done
  • Table Maintenance: done
    • Check
    • Repair
    • Analyze
    • Flush
    • Optimize

SQL Query (server_sql.php, db_sql.php, tbl_sql.php, js/sql.js)

  • Retrieve the response for a query with Ajax: done
  • Paginate the results of a SQL query: done

Insert (tbl_change.php & js/tbl_change.js)

  • Change the number of insertions on the fly without reloading the entire page: done, bugs remaining
  • Insert rows with an Ajax request: todo

Database, Table Search (db_search.php, tbl_select.php, db_search.js, tbl_search.js)

  • Show results with Ajax calls, paginate results: done

Separate SQL Query window (querywindow.php & js/querywindow.js)

  • Use jQueryUI's Tabs and re-build the HTML for this page
  • If necessary, refactor some functions from js/querywindow.js

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