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Continous integration server runs at . It is running Jenkins as described on Jenkins Setup page.

It does run following jobs:

  • nightly full tests run
  • tests master branch on every commit
  • tests maintenance branches on every commit
  • website tests
  • error reporting server tests
  • nightly documentation build and links tests

It is configured to send mails to all people who have commited code while the tests broke. This email is sent to devel mailing list as well.

Travis CI

Travis CI is used with integration to GitHub to test all commits and notify about failures.

  • it tests master and maintenance branches on every commit
  • it tests all pull requests and feeds it's status into pull requests (see their blog for examples)

You can see current results here:


Coveralls is a tool to show testsuite coverage. For us it shows results from Travis CI.

You can see current results here:


The Scrutinizer service is another type of automated code checker. As of mid-2014, some of the checks might need tuning, but the nice thing is that it comments on pull requests and states the changes caused by it.

You can see current results here: