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While attending DebConf13, the phpMyAdmin team will give a tutorial on how to use phpMyAdmin. The idea is to showcase a few basic functionalities, but also some hidden gems and less known features.

The purpose of this document is to define the structure of the tutorial.



  • What is phpMyadmin?

Speaker : Ruleant

Basic features

  • add a user
  • create a database
  • add a table
  • browse and edit a table (including AJAX driven features, like grid editing, changing column order)

Advanced features

  • Status monitor
  • GIS editor (or maybe just display GIS data?)
  • Relation view
  • editor for Routines, Events, Triggers, ...
  • set a transformation for a LONGBLOB column, upload a photo, display the table with the thumbnail
  • Zoom search a results set
  • Designer
  • Multi-table db query


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