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This page contains information about the style of text presented to the user (as opposed to coding style). It's written from an English language perspective and may not apply directly to all languages. This guide is written for the phpMyAdmin interface itself, but in general the concepts also apply equally well to the wiki and documentation.

Use sentence case for headings

When writing a heading or title, use sentence case ("Example heading goes here"), not title case ("Example Heading Goes Here").

Use American English

Sorry to the speakers of British English, but we have standardized on the American spellings and terms where appropriate. You're welcome to use the en_GB language file within phpMyAdmin as an alternative.

Spelling and typography


Where possible, dialog choices should be verbs ("Truncate" and "Cancel") rather than OK and Cancel. However, that is currently the exception rather than the rule in the current code base.

When using "OK" and "Cancel", do not write out "Okay".

Software titles

When referring to a software program, we always use the proper name and official spelling. In some cases, that might mean starting a sentence with a lowercase "phpMyAdmin" (although you might consider reworking the sentence to improve this). Some example software names:

  • phpMyAdmin
  • MySQL
  • PHP

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