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If you want to participate in GSoC 2009 as a student, you should do your best to persuade us that you are the best candidate.

  • Show us some PHP code you've written in the past.
    • Links to projects where you participated if there are any.
  • Get involved as soon as possible with the phpMyAdmin project.
    • Introduce yourself on mailing list.
    • Submit patches for bugs or new features, so that we can see your code before starting big GSoC project.
  • Write good proposal (and use MySQL template for that).
    • Fill in all fields.
    • Define goals of your proposal, we should see quickly what is topic of your proposal.
    • Choose descriptive name (phpMyAdmin overhaul, phpMyAdmin improvements are not good ones).
  • Clearly define deliverables.
    • At least define what you expect to deliver in mid-term and as a final results.
    • It is okay to define optional deliverables also.
  • If you want to do import improvements, consider submitting also secondary proposal, because we have quite a lot of students for this topic already.

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