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What to do if you have been accepted as a student for Google Summer of Code 2009?

  1. Set up a blog where you will communicate your results. It is okay to use existing one. (Last year there was which provided blogs for this purpose.)

    • Start posting immediately, begin with a description of your project.
    • You should post an update there every week.
    • This blog will be aggregated on
  2. Subscribe to phpmyadmin-devel mailing list and introduce yourself.

    • Include the link to your blog there.
    • Describe your project in short.
  3. Benefit from the Community Bonding Period (from April 20 to May 23)

    • Familiarize yourself with phpMyAdmin's code base
    • Contact your mentor and establish a plan for the upcoming weeks
  4. Ask questions in public.

    • Ask on the mailing list unless you have a good reason to ask directly your mentor.
    • You can also use irc to ask questions (#phpmyadmin on freenode).
  5. Follow any rules MySQL will set up for students (the list below is currently based on last year).

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