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List of ideas for Google Summer of Code 2010. This list is not definite, generally any big enough thing from feature tracker can be accepted. Our development efforts aim towards the release of phpMyAdmin 3.5.

For details about participating to Summer of Code for the phpMyAdmin project, please refer to our GSoC 2010 Student Checklist.

Export relations scheme other formats

We currently have support for creating PDF from relations scheme. This could be extended to create for example SVG, EPS or dia files, which are much more suitable for inclusion in documents.

Requirements: PHP and MySQL knowledge

Feature requests: :rfe:806035, :rfe:686260.

Mentor: User:Nijel

User Preferences

Some configuration parameters do not have an impact on security or performance; it would be interesting if each end-user of a shared PMA installation could change them on-the-fly and store these in pmadb.

Requirements: PHP and MySQL knowledge

Feature requests: :rfe:2973909, :rfe:2937840.

Mentor: User:Lem9

Charts in server status page


"This feature would add graphs for the 'Runtime Information' tab. It could possibly show the MySQL traffic in a line or bar graph. Another bar graph would show what the top queries are for that hour, day, month, or year. Preferences for those options would be stored in the pmadb database. All graphs would be drawn using GD2 and use information from the MySQL server."

It's not clear at this point how we could obtain historic data about MySQL.

Requirements: PHP and MySQL knowledge

Mentor: User:Helmo

OpenGIS support

Add support for the new OpenGIS datatypes in MySQL >= 4.1.

Requirements: PHP, OpenGIS and MySQL knowledge

Feature requests: :rfe:936533.

Automated testing

phpMyAdmin already has some unittests and a start has been made with selenium tests. We would welcome someone who could create more test cases to increase the code-coverage of the test-suite. And further set up the necessary scripts to automate this.

Requirements: PHP and MySQL knowledge, unit testing experience welcome

Mentor: User:Helmo

User interface cleanup

phpMyAdmin is quite old project and as such lot of parts of user interface are more result of history than being designed. If you are experienced with user interface design, this might be great chance for you to improve usability of well known tool.

Requirements: Experience in user interface design, HTML, basic experience with PHP.

Feature requests: :rfe:1714760, :rfe:2649375, :rfe:1494550, :rfe:735925.

Mentor: User:Nijel

phpMyAdmin OOP

The majority of phpMyAdmin's source Code is not written in OOP PHP. Many developers do not help improve the application, because they're scared of the structure of the app. It should not be that hard to port the code into an clean structure. A new structure would also ease creation of plugins and themes which would improve the community a lot. It also would be easier for companies integrating new functionalities which are related to their business or work flow.

Requirements: Experience in OOP PHP with design patterns.

Mentor: User:Lem9


AJAXify Interface

Some parts of the interface would benefit from AJAX. Discussion has started in the features tracker, for example at

Mentor: User:Lem9


Add a template engine for phpMyAdmin and seperate html parts and outputs from php code in templates. For this project well formed html with many css-classes and css-ids is needed, to make theming and integration of jquery easier. After this, a good documentation is a must have.

Requirements: Experience in OOP PHP, Cascading Stylesheets, Javascript (jQuery & jQuery UI).

Mentor: User:Mkkeck

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