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If you want to participate in GSoC 2010 as a student, you should do your best to persuade us that you are the best candidate.

  1. Ensure you will have enough time during summer.

    • You are supposed to make full time job during summer on this project (this means twelve weeks of about forty hours per week)
  2. Get involved as soon as possible with the phpMyAdmin project.

    • Introduce yourself on mailing list.
    • Discuss your application ideas on the mailing list, it will help to better define your project.
    • Submit patches for bugs or new features, so that we can see your code before starting the GSoC project.
  3. Write good proposal.

    • Use the template
    • Fill in all fields.
    • Always remember that we choose only the best ones.
    • Define goals of your proposal, we should see quickly what is topic of your proposal.
    • Choose descriptive name (phpMyAdmin overhaul, phpMyAdmin improvements are not good ones).
    • Clearly define deliverables, what things you indend to deliver in mid-term evaluation and on final one.
    • Provide time line how you expect to provide us the code and documentation.
    • It is okay to define optional deliverables also.
    • Submit it to Google Summer of Code site and subscribe to notifications on update of your proposal.
  4. Show your commitment to the project.

    • Last years we had some problems with students keep up on the work.
  5. Show us some relevant work you've done in the past.

    • Links to projects where you participated if there are any.
  6. Learn Git basics.

    • You are expected to develop the project in own Git repository which will be eventually merged after finishing GSoC project.


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