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One of the goals of the phpMyAdmin project to participate in GSoC is to attract new developers to the team. If a GSoC student is performing well during the summer and decides to stay active afterwards, we will offer several things.

Active membership

Commit access

If a student has proven good knowledge of the codebase and our coding standards, and shows activity after GSoC has ended, the student will be granted commit access on the phpmyadmin repository on Github.

Team membership

We will acknowledge the student's activity and commitment to the project after GSoC by offering team membership. Apart from commit access on GitHub, the student's name will be mentioned on the team page and the student will be invited to team meetings.

Invitation to team meetings

We have monthly IRC meetings, to which all active team members are invited. Current issues are discussed there.

We also organize team meetings every few years (the last one was in 2013), to which all active team members are invited. The idea is to meet the other team members in person and to discuss team-related issues like the future roadmap of the software. Usually, we combine a team meeting with an Open Source conference. So you'll get to visit the conference as well. All expenses (travel, hotel and entrance fee for the conference) are paid by the team.


Some of our current developers and active team members started as a GSoC student. Read their testimonials on how and why they joined the team and what made them decide to be active in the phpMyAdmin community in particular and FLOSS in general.

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