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List of ideas for Google Summer of Code 2021. Our development efforts aim towards the release of phpMyAdmin 5.2.

For details about participating in the Summer of Code for the phpMyAdmin project, please refer to our GSoC 2021 applicant guide.

Possible mentors are listed for each idea; however, mentors generally do not wish to help a student drafting his proposal. You can use the phpmyadmin-devel mailing list to ask specific questions about these ideas.

For a general reference about Refactoring, see

On this page:

General improvements

There are many small enhancements in the bug tracker which are too small to make a single project, but they can be grouped together to make a suitable GSoC project.

Possible mentors: William Desportes and Maurício Meneghini Fauth

Replace jQuery UI and other jQuery plugins

Most of jQuery plugins that phpMyAdmin uses are not maintained anymore.

Possible mentors: Maurício Meneghini Fauth

Your idea

None of above did attract you? Feel free to come up with your own idea, you can take inspiration from the enhancement requests:

Please note that the project is supposed to take the whole summer, so you will most likely have to combine several enhancement requests to get a big enough project.

Unlikely projects

Due to a number of scheduling conflicts this year, we have a number of projects without available mentors. We'll likely be unable to accommodate applicants for these project. We don't make final determinations of students, mentors, or even which projects to accept until after the application period has ended, but by indicating that these projects are less likely to be accepted, we hope to give students a fair and open understanding of our plans and intentions.

Error reporting server

phpMyAdmin's error reporting server is a service which collects failures happening on the phpMyAdmin installations all around the world. It's implemented in CakePHP and is serving us already few years.

However the server would need quite some improvements (see the issue tracker), for example:

  • Improved stats page
  • Mass operations on incidents and notifications
  • Public read only interface
  • Persistent settings

See its code at

Requirements: PHP and MySQL knowledge, CakePHP experience welcome.

Possible mentors:

Refactoring and improving Designer

The Designer was written without any library like jQuery, thus the JavaScript needs to be rewritten and some issues need to be fixed. Feel free to explore what you can do to improve Designer.

It's good to have some experience with JavaScript and jQuery.

Possible mentors:

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