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We run a MeetBot instance to make handling and logging of meetings easier. It is connected as pmabot on the #phpmyadmin channel on the freenode network.

We use OpenStack modified copy, see

See for detailed manual.

Running meeting

One person who will run meeting will start it:

#startmeeting Monthly meeting 2016-07

Once this is done, the starting person is chair and controls the meeting.

To start new topic do:

#topic Cleaning up issues

While the discussion is going on, important things should be tracked:

#info We need to work better with the issue tracker.

You can also add action items:

#action nijel Will close bug #123.

To summarize aggreement:

#agreed Everybody is in favor.

To start formal vote do:

#startvote Will we fix bug #123? yes, no

People can then vote:

#vote yes

Vote is terminated by:


And finally whole meeting is terminated by:


It will print location of the logs and meeting minutes.

Example meeting

You can see example meeting log and report at:


The bot is running from our server in mail VM under ircbot user. It is started automatically on reboot, but needs to be restarted in some cases as it hangs.

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