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William Desportes edited this page Apr 6, 2019 · 4 revisions

MySQL has held a developer meeting

I arrived Thursday and Goerg introduced me to Ulf Wendel (MySQL Connector Project Manager), Colin Charles (MySQL Community Relations Manager) and Lukas Smith (

We had a nice boat trip, i had the luck to see some popular faces behind MySQL.

Next day we had our meeting, it was short, only 45 minutes, and not all about phpMyAdmin and MySQL.

I told them what we plan to do with next releases (PHP and MySQL 5), some of them where surprised that we still support MySQL 3.x at the moment and they where impressed by phpMyAdmins current downloads.

They told me the problem with different server and client lib version is: there is no known problem! There are no known problems cause nobody does run any tests using different version in server and client lib.

It seems mysqlnd will replace mysql lib used for mysqli, mysqlnd will be faster and more memory friendly, and it will end the (not existing) version problems.

They asked about testing - i think they mean testing of queries/commands - i told them that we have currently only some tests for functions.

They know and they work on the slow information_schema retrieval, and they told falling back to SHOW will not always help, cause earlier or later all SHOW commands will be mapped to IS.

I also mentioned the problem with the order of VIEWs and TABLEs when importing data, they are looking for a solution - possible they will add information to the IS (what VIEW relies an what TABLE or VIEW) or they will do something like suggested in bug report

Paul McCullagh has presented a blob streaming engine,, which allows sending of blob data through HTTP.


So we should have a look at mysqlnd and blobstreaming.

Even if not as informative as i thought - it was very interesting to see some of these faces behind MySQL.

(Feel free to emend my English.)

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