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If you seek to be reimbursed for Conservancy Project expenses, please send the following, in a self contained email (with attachments as necessary), to your Project Leadership Committee address ( for Project approval:


a brief paragraph explaining what was accomplished for the project during your travel and/or with the funds being reimbursed. This can be informal; it's just for our records to confirm the travel advanced the not-for-profit mission of both Conservancy and the project.

List of items

A brief report listing the items to be reimbursed.


Full receipt(s) for everything, unless the travel policy does not require receipts (e.g., for per diem expenses).

If your receipts are in a different currency than your preferred one for reimbursement, include documentation of the rate conversion (e.g., a redacted credit card statement in your preferred currency). Otherwise, Conservancy will use the prevailing rate for the date of the expense for conversion.

Please verify that the receipts that you submit are within the Travel policy requirements.


How you'd liked to be reimbursed:

The four payment options, in order of Conservancy's preference, are:

  • Paypal. For this, we need an email address that is valid for the Paypal account be paid. Note that sometimes PayPal fees are assessed. Usually we're taking funds from our PayPal balance, which means no fees appear on our side, but they may appear on yours. It might be worth it to check the fee schedule before choosing this method.
  • Issue you a check in USD from a USA bank, sent to you via post. For this option, I just need your postal address.
  • Wire the amount in your local currency to your bank account in your country. For this option, I need as much of the following information as it's possible for you to collect. While some of this information isn't always needed, the more I have, the less likely there will be problems with your wire. I note below in parenthesis which fields are mandatory, which varies based on where you are in the world.
    • SWIFT and/or BIC Code (mandatory for non-USA wires)
    • ACH or ABA routing number (mandatory for USA wires)
    • Account Number (absolutely mandatory)
    • Full Name of the Account Holder (absolutely mandatory)
    • Full Address of Account Holder
    • Bank Name
    • Bank Address
    • Tax ID of account holder (mandatory for Colombia)
    • Phone Number of account holder (mandatory for Colombia)
    • IBAN (if available, *required* for EU countries)
    • BSB Code (mandatory for Australia, not required elsewhere)
    • Preferred Currency (absolutely mandatory)

Note that if there is an intermediary bank involved in the USA, you should provide all this information for both the intermediary bank and the final bank. Note in particular that if the intermediary bank is in the USA, an ACH or ABA routing number is absolutely mandatory.

  • Issue you a check in your local currency, sent to you via post. For this option, I just need your postal address and what currency you want.
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