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Within the phpMyAdmin workflow, several branches can be under development simultaneously.

New features should target the master branch.

A QA branch is created with the first release candidate for each version (for instance, QA_5_0 was created for the release of 5.0.0-alpha1). Bug fixes for that release should target the QA branch.

We try to fix bugs in the most recent QA branch, so that users of the stable family can benefit from the fix. Sometimes, the fix is evaluated as being either not urgent or too risky for the current QA, so it's done only in master.

MAINT branches, when present, are patch or hotfix only branches, for instance MAINT_4_0_10 exists for security fixes to the 4.0.10.x family of code. Usually, only urgent patches or security fixes go in a MAINT branch.

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