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Also see discussion at 2015-04_Meeting_IRC_Log.

Shortcuts should be for common tasks, and generally for tasks that use the keyboard. For instance, a shortcut key to change to the Structure tab maybe a poor candidates because the user will not use their keyboard on the Structure page. The SQL query tab may be a good candidate because the user already will be using their keyboard to enter a portion of the query, using the keyboard to modify it is a good use of shortcut keys. These are just examples and aren't official decisions about the matter.

The modifier key will vary depending on system, most commonly CTRL but, at least on Mac, will usually be Command instead.

Github and Gmail both have excellent shortcut key support without being intrusive to the browser's native functionality.

Reserved for use by browsers

  • CTRL-A - Select all
  • CTRL-C - Copy
  • CTRL-N - New window
  • CTRL-T - New tab
  • CTRL-V - Paste
  • CTRL-X - Cut
  • CTRL-Z - Undo

Used by phpMyAdmin

  • ENTER - Submitting forms.

Proposed for use in phpMyAdmin

  • k - Open console
  • g + _ - Go to a page
    • g d s - Go to the database structure tab
    • g t s - Go to the table structure tab
  • OR drop the 'g'; d s would go to the database structure tab.
  • t / - go to the table Search tab
  • t q for the SQL tab?

Tasks that could use shortcuts

  • Change tabs:
    • SQL
    • Structure (?)
    • Browse
  • Change database
  • Change table
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