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William Desportes edited this page Oct 29, 2022 · 4 revisions

Hello Owen, do you have in mind a graph for just the current stats or also historical data? And if historical data, how would the automated collection be done? --2008-04-07 18:41 Marc Delisle

If historical data were to be obtained and stored, it would have to use a cron job, or otheriwse hook a cron job when anyone logs in. All past and current data would be stored in the pmadb along with the server, so that other users could not see other user's data. Now that you mention this little kink, its probably less likely for new users to set up a cron job. --2008-04-08 00:44 Owen Kuemerle

As well, another option for this problem would be to use the mysql database to draw the graphs. The problem with this though, is that not all users have access to their server's mysql database and if they do, logging might not always be enabled. Just another thought. --2008-04-08 00:48 Owen Kuemerle

a (pie-)chart for query types is possible, or traffic (on, out, sum), these are the only things where i see a chart useful without historical data, query stats could be obtained from log in I_S --Sebastian Mendel 09:41, 8 April 2008 (CEST)

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