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We decided that it is the right time to change the default theme for phpMyAdmin. There are already various themes, but none of them currently work with phpMyAdmin 3.4 and we would like to give the opportunity to new contributors as well.

Therefore we announce a contest for a new default theme for phpMyAdmin 3.4.

Contest rules

The rules for the contest are simple:

  1. The theme needs to be submitted to our themes tracker before midnight 13th February 2011 (GMT).
  2. The theme needs to have a license compatible with GNU GPL version 2 so that it can be included in our download kit.
  3. The theme needs to be compatible with phpMyAdmin 3.4.

Poll rules

From all eligible themes, the phpMyAdmin team will choose those which will take part in a public poll; the winner theme will be the default one in phpMyAdmin 3.4.

The poll was open till end of February 2011.


The winner will be officially credited in phpMyAdmin's news page and documentation.


You can find complete results here: