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phpMyAdmin uses Weblate for localization. It is using free tier and the service is operated by former phpMyAdmin project admin Michal Čihař.

It allows people to contribute to translations using easy to use web based interface. All changes are automatically done in all branches and committed to Git repository with correct authorship.

Merging changes

In case it is possible to merge translations automatically to official repository and you have privileges for that, you can push changes back to phpMyAdmin's Git repository.

Git repository

All repositories are also exported using git server:


Merging different branches

See Git#Merging_translations.

Conflict resolution

In case po files can not be automatically merged, you need to manually fix possible conflicts:

git remote add weblate
git remote update weblate
git checkout origin/master
git merge weblate/master
# Fix merge conflicts
git commit
git push

Adding a new translation

Weblate is able to automatically add a new translation when requested by a user. However, a team member must still add the translation to the theme manager (./libraries/classes/ThemeManager.php). A script is included in the phpMyAdmin script directory to help verify that all translations are present.

To instead manually add a file, you can edit the file manually, or use msginit:

msginit po/phpmyadmin.pot -l my --no-translator -o po/my.po