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Certain web browsers will display a blank page instead of the HTTP status code (for instance, an error code 500). Try a different browser or check your web server error logs.

Blank page when using new version (2.9.2)

recently some users reported problems with unzipping their downloads, from the forum/tracker :

Folks, i finally found it ! I downloaded a "UTF-8 only" version of PMA (because today UTF-8 seems to be becoming everyday more common in data encoding). Now i have downloaded and installed the "all_languages" (non UTF8-only) version of PMA 2.9.2 and... it worked immediately.

I still don't know why the "UTF-8 only" doesn't work, nor what differences it has compared to the other, but it's firmly different in some important area (i see now, for example, that it does not have the "scripts" and the "test" folders). :

I had the same problem as Luciano, and his fix to install the "all languages" version worked for me as well.

missing file...

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