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phpMyadmin 4.0 was released on 2013-05-03. The content of this page is kept for historical reasons.

This page shows the feature list for phpMyAdmin 4. This is a base for discussion. Some ideas for version 3 could be reused.


Remove frames

Frames to seperate the navi pane and the main pane will be removed and replaced by one page with the navi and main part in <div> blocks. The (re)loading of the navi and main part will be replaced by AJAX/Javascript. This means that for 4.0 only Javascript/AJAX mode will be supported.

As part of the remove frames action, the

sections will be removed as well. The current and <?php> mix will be cleaned up in the process. The output will be moved to lib/include files which can be called by either the index page or by the specific files (which can still be referenced seperately).

More details.


Some parts that can be OOP'ed will be OOP'ed, but not everything. We won't go to frameworks.

Refactoring table browsing

Table browsing is used in several parts. It will be rewritten and used more consistently.

Synchronise db's

We like the feature and the interface, but it doesn't work in some case (big tables, on tables with no indexes). Rewriting the functionality can be a GSoC project. A FAQ item will be created mentioning the restrictions of the current db sync feature, until the feature is rewritten, tables with no indexes wont be fixed.

phpMyAdmin 4