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# This sed expression has been used to convert security announcements to new
# format (afterwards manual changes had to be done).
sed -ri '
s@Date: *([0-9-]*)[^0-9-]*@<py:def function="announcement_date">\n\1\n</py:def>\n@;
s@Updated: *([0-9-]*)<br />@<py:def function="announcement_updated">\n\1\n</py:def>\n@;
s@Announcement-ID: *(PMASA-[0-9-]*)[^0-9-]*@<py:def function="announcement_id">\n\1\n</py:def>\n@;
s@<b>Description</b>: *<br />@<py:def function="announcement_description">@;
s@<b>Summary</b>: *<br />@<py:def function="announcement_summary">@;
s@<b>Severity</b>: *<br />@<py:def function="announcement_severity">@;
s@<b>Affected versions</b>: *<br />@<py:def function="announcement_affected">@;
s@<b>Unaffected versions</b>: *<br />@<py:def function="announcement_unaffected">@;
s@<b>Solution:?</b>:?<br />@<py:def function="announcement_solution">@;
s@<b>References?:?</b>:?<br />@<py:def function="announcement_references">@;
s@<b>Patches:?</b>:?<br />@<py:def function="announcement_patches">@;
s@<b>Mitigation factor:?</b>:?<br />@<py:def function="announcement_mitigation">@;
/For further information and in case of questions, please contact the/D;
/In case of questions, please contact /D;
/phpMyAdmin team. Our website i/D;
/phpMyAdmin security announceme/D;
$s@.*@<xi:include href="../_page.tpl" />\n</html>@;
1i \
<html xmlns:py="" xmlns:xi="" py:strip="">
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