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phpnl website, best site!

Using gulp.

You can install gulp with the command npm install. So all the required modules wil be installed. Further if you want to use gulp. Navigate to the root direcotry of the website. And run gulp <task name>. And the selected task will run. The list of avaible commands can you find when u press gulp help.

steps to set it up locally

  1. git clone to a directory
  2. move into your directory
  3. php composer.phar install
  4. copy ./config/slack.php-dist to ./config/slack.php and change the and slack.token in the slack.php to generate a token, go to this URL: (bottom of the page)
  5. set write permissions to ./var/log and ./var/cache and point your browser to your local URL.

note: all assets are currently pointing to /, so you need to configure the site as a vhost ;)