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Generates nice HTML documentation from your Yii app source code, just a quick hack of the doc builder from Yii's build process.
Also includes some properly commented templates for Gii.
Read the wiki at


Extract the contents of the commands folder to protected/commands

If you want to use the included commented Gii templates, extract them somewhere like ext.giitemplates, then include them in your gii module config e.g.
			'generatorPaths' => array(


./yiic docs check - Checks the source code to see if there's any classes that are lacking documentation, good for quality checking

./yiic docs ../docs - Generates the site documentation in the specified folder (which must exist)

Documenting Views:

If you want to annotate the parameters passed to views by controllers, use the following syntax in your view right at the top of your view file
  * Some text describing what the view does goes here
  * @uses CActiveDataProvider $dataProvider The data provider for this model
  * @uses User $model The user model


If you're getting errors with certain classes you might need to exclude them from the documentation process, to do this add them to the list of excluded files in $this->$appOptions in DocsCommand.php