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Internal Bugs List
This file is used to track current working tasks - just ignore it!
dump sequences when dumping tables
fix dumping clustering info
Need to fix:
* After changing password need to update data structures to avoid logouts
* Report login errors
* Don't offer owner change feature if user is not superuser
* check use of apostrophes, etc. in tree menu
* add different null formats to import and export
* make browser language detection only happen when language is set
to 'auto'. make that the default.
* float and decimal types aren't listed.
* Click 'Run' on this report doesn't work (only column 2 is displayed):
* redirect.php doesn't work for database's after certain tabs have been
selected, eg. 'Variables', 'Processes'.
* COPY should work in normal sql screen and sql popup window
* notice on viewing reports page - does this still occur?
* highlight things on the info stats page
* advanced stats functions
* prevent the user from dropping all the superusers
* rename function in 7.2 and below doesn't come back to the correct function
* Fix SQL window parent update to not update any random window
* Show owner on privileges screen?
* Allows tabs in textareas on IE:
* add help links everywhere. fix formatting of help links.
* Deal with named parameters that have ',' in the type name
* make sure composite types are found in the find feature