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phpPgAdmin is an open source project which means that if you see something on
this list that you would like to implement, just send us a patch. You can find
our project page here:
An item is marked 'claimed' when a username in brackets is put after the TODO
item. If you want to work a claimed item, please contact the developers list.
An item is marked with a '-' if it has been completed.
* Allow reading of postgresql.conf and pg_hba.conf per pg_read_file() in 8.1
* Support pg_reload_conf(), pg_rotate_logfile() 8.1 commands
* Add support for default db to connect to on login page (we had several users complaining about that lately)
* Switch to SPARQL format:
Actually...SQL/XML is maybe better.
* Allow import of data via compressed (bzip/gzip/zip) files
* user variables (eg. ALTER USER SET .. TO ...)
* Grant ... on all tables, views, ... to user, group, public
* Add alter database variables
* Add database stats
* REASSIGN OWNED & DROP OWNED support for 8.2+
Large Objects
* Add support for large objects
(review patch from Dmitry Koterov )
* Rewrite WITHOUT OIDs with more natural WITH OIDS
* Allow FKs during create table (Jawed)
* When adding a column or creating a table, prevent size on non-size types (eg. integer(2)). You can find these by looking at format_type in the postgresql source code.
* Add WITH storage_parameter option to create table [8.2]
* Add last vacuum and analyze information from statistics tables [8.2]
* Restrict operators (from $selectOps array) to appropriate types (ie. no LIKE for int4 fields)
* Alter column should handle types with implicit cast types distinctly from those requiring a USING clause
* Where ENUM types are an option, restrict choice to enum values [8.3]
* Add column constraints during creation and altering of columns
* Support temporary views per 8.1?
* Support updateable views, see
* Support Materialized Views
* Remove options for OUT/INOUT params in older servers
* Clean up javascript html spec warnings
* GUC settings [8.3]
* Default param values
* Support 8.1 Reindex System commands
* Expressional indexes
* Create Index Asc/Desc, Nulls First/Last [8.3]
* Suppres psuedo-type options in type list for creating composite types. (done ?)
* Create
* Create/Alter/Drop Operator Family
Operator Classes
* Create
* Allow functions from other schemas.
* Support replica trigger modes (8.3)
* Allow for multi-column aggregates [8.2]
* Rewrite the aggregate edition page ! It is using input tetxt everywhere presently, even for owner and schéma !
* Drop
* Create
* Alter owner [8.3]
* Alter name [8.3]
* Alter DOMAIN SET SCHEMA support
* Properties
* Drop
* Create
* Properties
* Drop
* Create
Full Text Search (8.3)
* Create/Alter/Drop parser
* Alter Owner
* Audit for PHP 5.3.x compatability
* Support 8.1 standard compliant strings (E'')
* Support per-database connection limits per 8.1
* Put a 'What's blocking this query' on Processes view
* Show prepared statements on database view [8.2]
* Show cursors on database view [8.2]
* Show NOTICES on queries in SQL window/file
* Printable view of things
* Show comments for all objects (Dan Boren)
* Allow setting/dropping comments for all objects (Dan Boren)
* Show owner for all objects
* Allow changing owner for objects that have this feature [7.4+ generally]
* Add CASCADE option to Truncate [8.2]
* Add ONLY option to Truncate [8.4]
* Add information about synch tool to TRANSLATORS
* Translated FAQ
* Pull FAQ/HISTORY/CREDITS/etc... from CVS for website.
* Add support for csvlogs [8.3]
* Add executed file scripts in history
* Pivot reports (ADODB has a feature for this)
* Parameterized reports (use prepared queries)
* Full web accessability conformance
* register_globals off support
* maximum error_reporting support - enforces code quality, reduces bugs and
improves security
* PHP 5.0 features used
* No HTML font, colour, layout tags. Use CSS for everything
* One day we should make it all XHTML
* everything properly escaped - prevent sql injection and cross-site scripting
* Support Postgres 8.4 and upwards
* psql -E is a cool way of seeing how to do schema queries
* Checking out older versions of describe.c in src/bin/psql in the postgres
distro is a good way of seeing how to query older versions of postgres for
schema information
* Put functions in the highest class possible. For instance, simple selects
should be in Postgres, whereas something that works for < 8.2 should be in the
8.1 class. This will minimise bugs and duplicated code.
* Adhere to current coding standards
* Avoid using global variables if possible
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