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@@ -1,54 +1,39 @@
-phpPgAdmin is Free/Open Source software, so you're invited to contribute to it.
-Many great features have been written by other people and you too can help to
-make phpPgAdmin a better tool.
+phpPgAdmin is Free/Open Source software and contributions are welcome from
+everyone. Please be sure to join the developers' mailing list:
-If you're planning to contribute source code, please read the following
-The following method is preferred for new developers:
- - fetch the current CVS tree over anonymous CVS:
- cvs -d login
- [Password: ] simply press the Enter key!
- cvs -z3 -d co -d phpPgAdmin webdb
- [This will create a new sub-directory named phpPgAdmin]
+phpPgAdmin uses git for source control management. The phpPgAdmin git repository
+is hosted at github:
- - Add your stuff
- - Send us the file(s) you've modified or send us a patch (preferred). To
- generate a patch, in your 'phpPgAdmin' directory do:
- cvs diff -c > file.txt
+To clone the phpPgAdmin source to your development system, execute the following
- Then, just send us 'file.txt' .
+ git clone git://
-Please note that submitting code is considered a transfer of copyright to the
-phpPgAdmin project.
-Write access to the CVS tree is granted only to developers who have already
-contributed something useful to phpPgAdmin. If you're interested in that,
-please contact us.
-These project developers can access the CVS tree via SSH:
- export CVS_RSH=ssh
-Login once with
+After making changes, generate a patch using "git format-patch" and submit it
+to the phpPgAdmin devel mailing list.
- ssh
+Alternatively you can clone the phppgadmin repository on github and make a pull
+request. For details on how to make pull requests, see:
-to create required user directories on the server. Then fetch the current CVS
- cvs -z3 -d co -d phpPgAdmin webdb
-For further information, refer to:
+Please note that submitting code is considered a transfer of copyright to the
+phpPgAdmin project. phpPgAdmin is made available under the GPL v2 license.
+Push access to the main phpPgAdmin git repository can be granted to developers
+with a track record of useful contributions to phpPgAdmin at the discretion
+of the phpPgAdmin development team.
@@ -84,7 +69,7 @@ When working on database classes, always schema qualifing your SQL where it is
possible with the current schema ($data->_schema) for pg73+ classes. Then don't
forget to write your method for older classes which doesn't suppport schemas.
-When working with CVS, always make sure to do a 'cvs update' both before you
+When working with git, always make sure to do a 'git pull' both before you
start; so you have the latest code to work with; and also again before you
create your patch; to minimize the chance of having conflicts.
@@ -135,7 +120,7 @@ information on how the language system works, please see the TRANSLATORS file.
-All new work for phpPgAdmin is done against the CVS HEAD branch. When we feel
+All new work for phpPgAdmin is done against the git master branch. When we feel
we are ready to do a new release, we create a branch (ex. REL_4-1). This
becomes the stable branch for all future 4.1.x releases, and any bugfixes needed
for 4.1 would go in that branch.
@@ -144,7 +129,7 @@ When we release a new revision, we tag that at release time (REL_4-1-1), so a
checkout of any tag should give you the same files that downloading the release
would have given you. As a general rule, we do not introduce new features into
existing stable branches, only bugfixes and language updates. This means if you
-want to work on new features, you should be working against CVS HEAD.
+want to work on new features, you should be working against the git master.
Eventually we will call for another release, and that will be branched (REL_4-2)
and the cycle will start over.
@@ -158,6 +143,6 @@ GETTING HELP
We prefer most discussion of development to take place on the phpPgAdmin
-mailing list, so that discussions can be archived and be searchable.
+devel mailing list, so that discussions can be archived and be searchable.
However, if you are into IRC, a couple of us hang out on #phppgadmin on
freenode, and occasionally discuss things there.

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