Issues with the phpredis session handler #295

itay-moav opened this Issue Feb 5, 2013 · 1 comment

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Putting it simply, session is not being locked for read/write or otherwise checked for modifications to prevent overwriting them.

Description, on the time line:
time: 1 - request AAA start, reads the session.
time: 2 - request BBB start, reads the session.
time: 3 - request AAA modifies the session
time: 4 - request AAA ends and writes the modified session.
time: 5 - request BBB ends and writes the UNMODIFIED session it has in it's memory, and by that
overwrites the changes request AAA did.

I got this on request that spawned another two requests (Ajax).

Keep for each session key another entry with i't checksum.
If checksum changed since the time u read the session, merge, otherwise, overwrite.


Isn't this a duplicate of #37 ?
I would like this feature too, btw...

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