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# grumphp.yml
    bin_dir: ./vendor/bin
    git_dir: .
    hooks_dir: ~
    hooks_preset: local
    stop_on_failure: false
    ignore_unstaged_changes: false
    hide_circumvention_tip: false
    process_async_limit: 10
    process_async_wait: 1000
    process_timeout: 60
        failed: resource/grumphp-grumpy.txt
        succeeded: resource/grumphp-happy.txt


Default: ./vendor/bin

This parameter will tell GrumPHP where it can locate external commands like phpcs and phpspec. It defaults to the default composer bin directory.


Default: .

This parameter will tell GrumPHP in which folder it can find the .git folder. This parameter is used to create the git hooks at the correct location. It defaults to the working directory.


Default: null

This parameter will tell GrumPHP in which folder it can find the git hooks template folder. It is used to find the git hooks at a custom location so that you can write your own GIT hooks. It defaults to null, which means that the default folder resources/hooksis used.


Default: local

This parameter will tell GrumPHP which hooks preset to use. Presets are only used when you did NOT specify a custom hooks_dir. GrumPHP comes with following presets:

  • local: All checks will run on your local computer.
  • vagrant: All checks will run in your vagrant box.

Note: When using the vagrant preset, you are required to set the vagrant SSH home folder to your working directory. This can be done by altering the .bashrc or .zshrc inside your vagrant box:

echo 'cd /remote/path/to/your/project' >> ~/.bashrc

You can also add the .bashrc or .zshrc to your vagrant provision script. This way the home directory will be set for all the people who are using your vagrant box.


Default: false

This parameter will tell GrumPHP to stop running tasks when one of the tasks results in an error. By default GrumPHP will continue running the configured tasks.


Default: false

By enabling this option, GrumPHP will stash your unstaged changes in git before running the tasks. This way the tasks will run with the code that is actually committed without the unstaged changes. Note that during the commit, the unstaged changes will be stored in git stash. This may mess with your working copy and result in unexpected merge conflicts.


Default: false

Hides the tip describing how to circumvent the Git commit hook and bypass GrumPHP when a task fails.


Default: 10

This parameter controls how many asynchronous processes GrumPHP will run simultaneously. Please note that not all external tasks uses asynchronous processes, nor would they necessarily benefit from using it.


Default: 1000

This parameter controls how long GrumPHP will wait (in microseconds) before checking the status of all asynchronous processes.


Default: 60

GrumPHP uses the Symfony Process component to run external tasks. The component will trigger a timeout after 60 seconds by default. If you've got tools that run more then 60 seconds, you can increase this parameter. It is also possible to disable the timeout by setting the value to null. When receiving a Symfony\Component\Process\Exception\ProcessTimedOutException during the execution of GrumPHP, you probably need to increment this setting.


Default: {failed: grumphp-grumpy.txt, succeeded: grumphp-happy.txt}

This parameter will tell GrumPHP where it can locate ascii images used in pre-commit hook. Currently there are only two images failed and succeeded. If path is not specified default image from resources/ascii/ folder are used.

To disable banner set ascii images path to ~:

# grumphp.yml
        succeeded: ~