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The Ant task will run your automated Ant tasks. It lives under the ant namespace and has following configurable parameters:

# grumphp.yml
            build_file: ~
            task: ~
            triggered_by: [php]


Default: null

If your build.xml file is located at an exotic location, you can specify your custom build file location with this option. This option is set to null by default. This means that build.xml is automatically loaded if the file exists in the current directory.


Default: null

This option specifies which Ant task you want to run. This option is set to null by default. This means that ant will run the default task. Note that this task should be used to verify things. It is also possible to alter code during commit, but this is surely NOT recommended!


Default: [php]

This option will specify which file extensions will trigger the ant task. By default Ant will be triggered by altering a PHP file. You can overwrite this option to whatever file you want to use!