Joomla Plugin to Enable/Disable Mootools per menu item
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System plugin to enable/disable mootools by menu item.

When Bootstrap comes to Joomla! users need a tool to avoid Mootools loading by default in Joomla 2.5.x


  • Mootools can be enabled or disabled by default.
  • You can enable/disable Mootools when editing menu items.
  • Nulls any window.addEvent calls.
  • Removes JCaption calls.
  • You can enable Mootools for specific components.
  • By default the plugin enables Mootools for frontend conten edition and com_users (login, profile edition, etc.).


Plugin version: 1.1.2


Clone this repository or just download from:
[Download Zip]
[Download tar.gz]
Then install normally throught Joomla! Extension Manager as package (if you downloaded the compressed version) or from folder (if you cloned the repository).

In plugin management search "System - Mootools Enabler/Disabler", enable the plugin and set in its preferences the default Mootools mode.

When editing a menu you will see a new pane called "Mootools enable/disable". Adjust there if you want to load or not Mootools for this menu item.

Release history

v.1.1.2 -> Solve header field conflicts with K2. Thanks Joe Campbell
v.1.1.1 -> Use onBeforeCompileHead trigger for cleanup
v.1.1.0 -> Improve flexibility of the asset control + easier management
v.1.0.8 -> Fixed autoenable for content creation & friendly URLs enabled. Autoenable for com_users.
v.1.0.7 -> Added autocomponent enabling. Thanks to [Hans Kuijpers!]
v.1.0.6 -> Added dutch language. Thanks to [Rene Kreijveld!]
v.1.0.5 -> Auto mootools enable for content edition. Joomla! 3.0 compatible
v.1.0.4 -> Added german language. Thanks to [Johannes Hock!]
v.1.0.3 -> Added portuguese (Brasil) language. Thanks to [Mary Mar Alejo!] v.1.0.2 -> Remove JCaption calls, null window.addEvent calls and add a manual script disabler
v.1.0.1 -> Added polish language. Thanks to Pawel Frankowski!
v.1.0.0 -> First stable version